27 Tools to Make Your 2018 Campaigns More Effective

By aiwpadminFebruary 12, 2018

By Eric Schaal


People like lists for several reasons. For starters, they provide clear points to remember (typically, in bold letters). They are also quick to consume and digest. And, best of all, you can read them on the way to work or standing in line for a coffee.

At LeadsCon 2018, as you take deep dives into complex subjects, you’re going to need your share of quick takeaways to carry out with you each busy day. Gordon Brott, senior director of marketing at OnDeck, will deliver that fix.

In fact, Brott will present “27 Actionable Marketing Tips, Tricks and Tools that Will Make Your Campaigns More Effective.” You’ll have more than your share of takeaways when you leave less than an hour later.

New Channels, New Tools
It seems like every few months there is a new channel where you can find customers, but you need a specialized technique to take advantage of each new opportunity. In some cases, they won’t be worth your time.

Your decision has to start with hard data. While some marketing techniques never change, the analytics tools available to marketers have – and they keep changing every year. This 45-minute session will break down some of the options available to your company as you hunt new leads.

Brott, who follows these trends closely in his position at OnDeck, will share what has made his brand’s campaigns more effective over the past several years.

Not Quite ‘Out With the Old’
Classic marketing techniques have been around forever for a reason: They work. However, they may need some refreshing when you apply them to modern channels. Often, the adjustment is minor, sometimes a simple technical shift.

Of course, direct marketing mistakes never go out of style, either. Even when certain poor practices have been in play for decades, you’ll see people repeating the same strategy over and over.

Brott’s goal in this session is to highlight the winning strategies you want to keep while convincing you to set aside the tactics that still don’t work. As you will see across the spectrum of presentations at LeadsCon, the focus will be on new customer acquisition and how your company can get it done more efficiently.

With such a packed agenda and only 45 minutes to get it done, you might even learn something about time management. But 27 tips, tricks and tools are guaranteed.

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