3 Distinct Looks at the Art of Lead Buying in 2018

By aiwpadminFebruary 26, 2018

by Eric Schaal

An insurance agent, a refinancing specialist and an online lending broker walk into a bar… and discuss how they nail down their best leads. On the opening day of LeadsCon 2018, lead buyers can sit in on an invitation-only summit featuring this very discussion.

Raj Parekh, vice president of Business Development at InSellerate, will moderate the event that brings these three perspectives to the table. Here’s a look at the lineup and how buyers can sign up for the March 5 summit.

The Buyers Summit in Brief
As attendees pour into Las Vegas for LeadsCon, they may be wondering about the buyers-only events. This 40-minute session, open exclusively to those whose primary occupation is the purchase and closing of leads, is one of them.

As a complementary add-on to the LeadsCon registration, there is no additional charge, though you must request an invitation. Those on the seller’s end – including aggregators, service providers and agencies – are not permitted to attend. (Don’t worry, sellers have their own summit of specialized content.)

Parekh, who specializes in lead management and automated solutions, will guide the discussion from three different industry perspectives.

  • Mike Eshelman, VP of Marketing at First Direct Lending and a member of the LeadsCouncil board, has been responsible for business development and lead generation at First Direct since 2014.

  • Will Adams, senior director of Sales and Client Management at LendingTree, specializes in origination and lead conversion.

  • John Alsop, insurance agent at Allstate and a member of the LeadsCouncil board, owns six Allstate businesses and is a top 1 percent producer for over 20 years, utilizing the latest technology to deliver client-friendly solutions.

Lead-Buyer Takeaways
The panel will focus exclusively on fine-tuning the lead purchase process for success. Each member of the panel will point to key metrics they look for during the process and share ideas about optimizing the purchase for your business.

Naturally, each member of the panel has faced challenges and experienced pitfalls while honing their strategies. All buyers in attendance will hear how they navigated these challenges and ideas for avoiding them in the first place.

Though this event is for buyers only, LeadsCon will feature a buyer-seller mixer afterward. At this event, both groups can relax in a casual setting to discuss opportunities and get down to networking.

If refining and perfecting the art of lead-buying is on your agenda for 2018, this session is the ideal way to kick off LeadsCon Las Vegas.

Click here to register for LeadsCon Las Vegas 2018.

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