A New Way to Turn Leads into Revenue

By aiwpadminFebruary 1, 2018

by Michael Foster   

As shocking as it may sound, many companies ignore inbound leads, costing millions of dollars in lost potential sales.


According to a recent study, a third of companies ignore their inbound leads entirely. Of the remaining two thirds, most simply abandon closing a sale after just one or two attempts to reach potential customers! Such a lazy go-to-market strategy should be the minority, but in reality, this is how almost all companies operate on a daily basis.


The reason for this sloppy marketing approach is simple: faulty cost-benefit analysis. Many companies, especially B2B firms with large ticket item products, feel that low engagement at the top of the funnel means a small chance of conversion at the bottom of the funnel, and that causes them to give up on inbound leads entirely.


Smart firms know this problem well, and they’re tackling the problem head-on.


At this year’s LeadsCon, we’ll dive into one such example of a firm that took control of their inbound leads to boost sales significantly: Epson America.


Epson America discovered there was a lot of money being left on the table by not fully pursuing their inbound leads. So they worked to develop a data-driven approach to the market that empowered their sales force to transform these leads into real sales.


And it worked.


The key to their process was a nimble approach to the market, including a willingness to change their strategy according to data and identifying choke points and causes of failure. Their research-based approach developed a new group of best practices that resulted in higher lead conversions.


Part of the story is sheer grit from the marketing and sales force, but another part is their adoption of new technologies and artificial intelligence to optimize their leads in a methodical way. By using AI to parse through data faster, they could follow up on the highest-value leads more quickly, turning inbound leads into cash.


Join B2B Marketing Senior Manager Chris Nickel of Epson America and Conversica Senior Director Gary Gerber at this year’s LeadsCon for “4 Top Secrets to Printing Money from Your Hard-Earned Leads (a Case Study with Epson America).” They will dig deep into the success story of Epson’s lead marketing strategy. This revolutionary approach to the market doesn’t only work for big-ticket B2B products but is easily compatible with B2C marketing challenges as well. Learn the four top secrets that helped Epson crack the code to make inbound leads work for them—and you may also learn how to make those leads work your business, too.

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