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By aiwpadminSeptember 3, 2018

By Michael Foster

The sheer number of options to connect with customers is daunting; between different messaging platforms, social media, email, and old-fashioned mail and telephone, marketers and sales forces alike can often struggle to identify the right way to reach customers. That’s a big risk, because failing to connect with customers means failing to close sales—meaning lost revenue.

This is the problem that Teli has pinpointed in a technology-driven attack that makes it easier for sales organizations to develop messaging protocols and technologies to reach potential and existing customers. By helping clients with its fully customizable API, Teli allows marketers and sales professionals to contact clients, customers, and leads in whatever format will work best. And since Teli can customize its platform to include a variety of billing systems, including everything from credit card payments to online transfers, it can drive sales and streamline the entire sales process at the same time.

Teli has helped a large number of clients scale their sales operations by creating a one-stop platform for messaging, voice, facsimile, and toll-free communications that allows their workforces to access customers through a variety of options all in one place. This convenience is a big sales motivator: By streamlining the process of reaching out to customers, the stress of contacting and following up during the sales cycle vanishes. And at the same time, management can use Teli’s platform to monitor and assess sales progress so the firm can reach its goals.

And Teli isn’t limited to just one step of the sales cycle. Its technology can be used to develop a new network architecture for a contact center or support a CRM for a sales organization. Teli can even help clients build a messaging platform from the ground up, giving you and your employees a customizable experience that allows you to focus on what is most important for your firm’s particular needs.

Of course, constant communication with customers is no longer an option in an increasingly fast-paced sales environment: If you can’t compete with the competition’s efforts to provide convenient communication options to their customers, you’ll soon find that your customers will abandon you for them. And that’s why more and more companies are growing their enterprise budgets for telecommunications infrastructure: Being on top of the customer service channel is essential to retain customers and grow your revenue.

Want to learn more? Teli will be at this year’s LeadsCon Connect to Convert to show marketers and sales executives how they have worked with clients in the past to drive sales and provide an easy-to-use platform that motivates employees, drives productivity, and boosts sales. If you care about making your customers happy, you need to talk to Teli.

To learn more on what’s driving today’s customer acquisition, performance marketing, and sales, join us at LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert this October in Boston. Register today.

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