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Martin Lind Talks About Velocify’s Founding Sponsorship of LeadsCon

August 5, 2015, by Shahnaz Mahmud

When asked whether Velocify is a first-time sponsor of LeadsCon, Martin Lind, director of Business Development, tells me that, in...


Website Optimization in the Age of Mobile

August 4, 2015, by Michael Foster

You may have heard the stories about improving conversions, higher sales rates and better ROI from paid media campaigns. You...


BarkBox: The ‘New Generation’ Pet Brand

August 3, 2015, by John Egan

BarkBox is taking an ever-bigger bite of the US pet industry. Through an online service with 200,000 subscribers and growing,...


Mobile Web and Apps: Optimizing for the Best Leads

July 30, 2015, by Michael Foster

Mobile Web usage continues to grow at a rapid rate, and both brands and Internet marketers are trying to capitalize...


Building Trust Loyalists and Evangelists

July 29, 2015, by Michael McEnaney

When you stop to think about how important building trust is in your everyday life you begin to see the...


Despite Recession, eZanga Enjoys ‘Fairly Fast’ Growth

July 28, 2015, by John Egan

While some businesses struggled mightily during the Great Recession, soared. From 2008 through 2012, during the Great Recession’s peak...


Mobile Needs to be Top of Mind in Your Online Marketing Mix

July 27, 2015, by Shahnaz Mahmud

Make no mistake, the future of search marketing lies in your hands — literally. Mobile is the key. In a...


Neuromarketing: The Science Behind Why Consumers Buy–Michael McEnaney

July 23, 2015, by Michael McEnaney

Finding out what consumers buy every day, both online and in the real world, has been fairly easy for marketers...


In the Mood: Arnie Kuenn Discusses Content Marketing–Shahnaz Mahmud

July 22, 2015, by Shahnaz Mahmud

Content marketing is getting a lot of buzz in the lead generation space of late, but what it is exactly? Arnie...


Oracle Survey of Millennials: Push Notifications May Be Overkill–John Egan

July 20, 2015, by aiwpadmin

A warning to mobile marketers: For millennials, push notifications might be too pushy. A global survey for software giant Oracle found...

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