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TCPA Ruling a Victory for Telemarketers

March 19, 2018, by Richard Newman

In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission issued a Declaratory Ruling and Order expanding the definition of an automatic telephone dialing...

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Lead Generation and the EBR Exception to the Telemarketing Sales Rule

January 8, 2018, by Richard Newman

In February of 2008, Congress passed the Do-Not-Call Registry Fee Extension Act of 2007 requiring a biennial report on the...

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CFPB Seeks to Ensure Workable Data Aggregation Market That Protects Consumers

October 24, 2017, by Richard Newman

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has recently outlined principles for protecting consumers when they authorize third-party companies to access their...

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Critical Lead Generation Marketing Agreement Provisions

September 13, 2017, by Richard Newman

Lead generation marketing agreements are critically important documents between lead generators, aggregators, call centers and end-buyers. These agreements should include...

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Assessing Vicarious TCPA Liability: Your Telemarketing Contracts Matter

August 28, 2017, by Richard Newman

Vicarious liability is a doctrine that imposes responsibility upon one person/entity for the failure of another, with whom the person/entity...

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EU-US Privacy Shield Program Implementation Considerations

August 8, 2016, by Richard Newman

On July 27, 2016, the Department of Commerce released its Privacy Shield Website for US-organizations seeking to avail themselves of...

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Amendments to TSR and Adjustments to Civil Monetary Penalty Amounts

July 19, 2016, by Richard Newman

Late last year, the Federal Trade Commission approved new telemarketing rules designed, in part, to prevent fraud in the financial...

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Is Your Internal DNC Policy Compliant?

April 12, 2016, by Richard Newman

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act has steadily evolved into a hotbed of consumer class action litigation. Statutory damages ranging from...

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Telemarketing Compliance Update: FTC Amends TSR and FCC Grants Waiver of Caller ID Requirement

December 2, 2015, by Richard Newman

FTC Amends Telemarketing Sales Rule To Ban Various Payment Methods The Federal Trade Commission has approved new telemarketing rules designed,...

Wood gavel, bunch of keys, scales and stack of old books against the background of a row of antique books bound in leather

How to Respond to a Civil Investigative Demand

November 5, 2015, by Richard Newman

Formal government investigations may be conducted through Civil Investigative Demands, which are judicially enforceable demands for information and documents. Similar...

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