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Brand Marketing Strategies: Customer Acquisition vs Re-Acquisition

October 21, 2015, by LeadsConAdmin

When it comes to developing a revenue generating app, initial customer interaction is only one part of the story for...

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The IAB Pivots on Ad Blocking and Issues a Mea Culpa: ‘We Messed Up’

October 21, 2015, by LeadsConAdmin

The Interactive Advertising Bureau today said the digital publishing industry has cared too much about revenues and too little about...

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5 Lead Gen Mistakes to Avoid Now

October 20, 2015, by LeadsConAdmin

Here are 5 common lead gen mistakes that, when avoided, will help you turn your marketing team into a well-oiled,...

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FCC issues supplementary information clarifying TCPA robocall rules

October 19, 2015, by LeadsConAdmin

Last week, in response to 21 inquiries following the release of the Omnibus Order, the FCC issued supplementary information in...

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Programmatic Direct Mail Makes Its Debut

October 15, 2015, by LeadsConAdmin

The mailbox retargeting service promises to put direct mail in the digital attribution clickstream. It's more like digitally reactive direct...


Apple Removes Apps That Block Ads In Apps Over Privacy Concerns

October 14, 2015, by LeadsConAdmin

That did not last long. Apple has pulled ad-blocking apps like Been Choice that we wrote about earlier in the...


Facebook Lead Ads: Coming to Desktop, Carousel, Video, CRM Integration

October 13, 2015, by LeadsConAdmin

Facebook lead ads are being rolled out, allowing marketers to easily collect leads. Updates include desktop, carousel, video and CRM...

Which Businesses Will be Pioneers in Location-Based Mobile Advertising

Local SEO Statistics Every Business Should Know

October 8, 2015, by LeadsConAdmin

There is a lot of excitement around local SEO (search engine optimization) at the moment. Local small businesses are continuing...

Legislation Would Hold For-Profit College Leaders Accountable For Misrepresentations

October 7, 2015, by LeadsConAdmin

Lawmakers on Tuesday continued their mission to protect consumers from unscrupulous players in the for-profit college industry by introducing legislation...

Hand holding a 3d Digital Marketing Sphere on white background.

Publishers Weigh Options To Combat Ad Blocking

October 1, 2015, by LeadsConAdmin

AdExchanger | With ad blockers increasingly available on mobile devices and adoption increasing, especially among millennials, publishers can't ignore the...

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