Avoiding the ‘These Leads Suck’ Trap With Your Sales Team

By aiwpadminJanuary 8, 2018

By Eric Schaal.


In Glengarry Glen Ross, Jack Lemmon explains to Alec Baldwin why the office sales team hit a slump. “The leads are weak,” Lemmon says, prompting a profane tirade by Baldwin.

For marketers in the insurance business, the sales force may be nicer about it but still refer to this scenario as “TLS.” It stands for “These leads suck,” and it can create fatigue in agents and general distrust in the workplace.

At LeadsCon 2018, a session moderated by Stephen Guerra, Director of Acquisition & Retention at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, will address these and other issues with lead fatigue. Attendees will walk away with techniques to avoid this problem in the future.

Knowing the Lead Source
Chain of custody is a key aspect of quality lead generation. If the origin of a lead is unclear or inaccurate, low-quality data becomes more likely to enter the picture. Increased transparency in the generation phase would correct this flaw in most company systems and initial buys.

Jaimie Pickles, Insurance GM at Jornaya, will be one of the presenters at the March 6 session. On the Jornaya blog, Pickles warned of some dangers lead buyers face. Among them are recycling, manipulated data and downright fakes.

Solutions exist to identify duplicates, and the same strategies can be put in play to flag current clients. Relationships can become strained when your sales force stumbles with a bad lead, and technology can help you avoid this problem.

Turning to Automation
While some flaws will exist in any lead generation system, insurance companies and other shops can put automation to work here. Solutions that establish scores for the industry already work better than manual sorting. By using this technology, your team can prioritize leads before making contact.

Naturally, a sales team would love to know the difference between the average client and an excellent client. Automation can help with this conundrum as well. The best customers deserve your team’s full attention, but the system you have in place may not be able to pick them out from the pack.

Another aspect to consider is matching the right agent to the job. If your marketing team could route the lead to the best agent with the proper resources nine times out of 10, everyone would be happier. Kathleen Berthet, ‎Sr. Finance Manager of Agency Marketing at Farmers Insurance, will join Guerra and Pickles to offer her unique insights on the subject.

If you come to LeadsCon 2018 hoping to avoid the TLS syndrome, this session should be on your must-do list.

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