Building a Customer Base is More Than Just Buying a List of Names

By Maryann TobinJuly 8, 2014

Building a customer base is more than just buying a list of names

Consumers are the driving force behind every thriving business. However, getting new customers is as important as keeping them loyal to your brand.

Digital marketing advisor Convince & Convert, whose founder Jay Baer will be the keynote speaker at LeadsCon in New York in August, guides businesses on the management of their growth strategies with an eye on competitors, as well as how to reach the right audience through social media and content marketing.

In a recent article for the Convince & Convert site, John Clark of Rival IQ writes:

If you’re not sure where to start, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Where is your target buyer?
  2. Where is your competition?
  3. Is there an untapped opportunity?
  4. How many (social media) channels can you do well, consistently?
  5. Are there geographic differences you need to take into consideration? Channels, competitors, etc.

The first and last questions best embody why building a customer base is more than buying a list of names. Geography matters. Trying to sell farm equipment to someone who lives in a big city is not likely to yield the best results. But that doesn’t mean that marketing doesn’t have common denominators. Finding out what some of those are only requires you to look in a mirror. If you get outstanding service from a particular company, do they stand out in your mind?

Receiving a product of higher quality than you expected is more likely to make you a repeat customer – as well as one who recommends the product and company to your friends on social media.

Standing out from the crowd once your product is delivered can be at least as important as how you got the customer in the first place.

When people buy something, whether they admit it or not, they want to feel special, even if they are just one out of millions making the same purchase.

In a digital world where every click counts, finding new and better ways to create positive feedback is crucial to growing your business. More importantly, happy customers are more likely to be your most powerful marketing tool for future leads.

Let’s face it. If the iPad, for example, was a flimsy device that performed poorly, all the marketing in the world wouldn’t have been enough to make it the tech industry phenomenon that remains today.

Making better connections between people and products is the edge that can separate good marketing practices from great ones. And that is what LeadsCon is all about.

Learn how to utilize “smart marketing” to bring your business to the next level by registering for LeadsCon at the Marriott Marquis in New York August 14 and 15, 2014. Click here for more information on the event.

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