Content Optimization in 2018

By aiwpadminJanuary 18, 2018

by Michael Foster 

At this stage in the game, the online sales funnel is pretty well established. We all know the importance of maintaining engaging content on owned, earned and paid media. We know it’s essential that marketing professionals optimize content for all three formats, and we know that new formats (news feed, organic content, vertical videos) pop up every once in a while and dramatically change the rules of the game.

But do you know how to adjust your content strategy for those new formats while staying limber enough to adapt to new developments in the way people consume online media?

Many do, but in reality they are leaving a lot of money on the table because their go-to-market approach is designed for the media landscape of 2 years ago (or, even worse, 10 years ago). If you think a blog and SEO are the best way to perfect your content for 2018, think again. The world has changed, and you need to change to keep up.

So how do cutting-edge marketers adapt to the new world of search engines, social media and mobile devices?

At this year’s LeadsCon, speakers will tackle that topic head first by showing what digital strategies win in our current digital landscape—and how to measure whether your strategy is working or not. They will go over some winning examples and talk about best practices for both local and national businesses that are taking advantage of digital marketing at lower costs while seeing higher yields.

Drew Eastmead of Vertical Measures and Joe Bockerstette of Business Enterprise Mapping will lead the discussion. Eastmead has years of experience with content strategy and paid advertising at his firm, which focuses on how to use organic and paid media together so that each lifts the return of the other. By using a variety of formats and platforms to get a business’s message to targeted audiences, Vertical Measures has caused over a 350 percent boost in leads in just 3 months—while the cost of those leads fell by 52 percent.

Thanks to Bockerstette’s background in optimizing business processes, he can help marketers understand how to measure their online marketing efforts and understand what chokeholds exist in building and deploying a content strategy for specific business examples. This insight is what Business Enterprising Mapping does: they help companies improve their workflow to lower the cost of achieving realistic goals.

If you want to lower your content strategy costs and boost your sales, join us at this year’s LeadsCon where we review the best practices in content optimization and analysis.

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