Cracking the Cold Lead with Data

By aiwpadminAugust 8, 2018

By Michael Foster

Cold leads are the bane of the modern marketer, and with so many new funnels for generating leads, many marketers just give up on old leads as a fool’s errand. But are they being fooled by their own pessimism?

This is the argument of EyeMed’s Scott Kosinski and Responsory’s Grant Johnson, who think marketers should reconsider breathing new life into dead leads. At this year’s LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert in Boston, Johnson and Kosinski will head a talk entitled “Reviving Long Dead Prospects” that digs deep into an age-old marketing question: Is it possible to make a sale on an old, dead lead?

In modern lead generation, there are many more reasons to be optimistic about old leads than ever before. The fact is that the purchasing consideration process is often very long, and while you may attract a possible customer’s attention at the start of the sales process, you may give up on him or her before the purchasing decision, simply because you have no way of tracking that person throughout the journey.

Or that’s how it used to be.

With modern tracking tools and predictive data, it’s now easier than ever, thanks to a bit of artificial intelligence and statistical analysis, to discover when and where conversions can be squeezed out of leads marketers have long given up on.

This is EyeMed’s approach. It was able to get a 15 percent response rate from cold B2B leads—leads from potential customers who had never responded to sales efforts before, but thanks to EyeMed’s engagement-building tactics, it was able to discover ROI where no one else had thought to look.

And that’s the key: strategy. By focusing on building engagement instead of distinguishing between the good and the bad leads, marketers can turn cold leads into hot responses. The question is what strategy can you employ to boost interest from a potential customer base you’ve never heard from, while the majority of them are still going to turn a deaf ear to your efforts?

Join Johnson, Kosinski, and all of us at LeadsCon Connect to Convert in Boston to learn how a focus on building a rapport between potential customers and your marketing efforts—through a creative implementation of data and the many marketing channels available to engage and re-engage—can result in discovering new responses you may have never thought possible.

We will discuss not only the types of data marketers use to engage cold leads, but also the marketing channels needed to reach out to them, and the marketing strategies needed to get them to pay attention. So join us at LeadsCon and make those cold leads hot again.

To learn more on what’s driving today’s customer acquisition, performance marketing, and sales, join us at LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert this October in Boston. Register today.

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