Don’t Let the Advanced TV Opportunity Pass You By

By aiwpadminSeptember 10, 2018

By Eric Schaal

Outside of sporting events, it’s hard to think of a time when you’d need to be in front of a television set to enjoy a favorite show. In fact, it’s hard to think of needing a TV to watch anything at all, and you certainly don’t need to go home to consume video content.

You might say watching TV has gone from a passive activity to an active one. Even those who rely on traditional cable packages are just as likely to stream a show on demand as watch it at the original broadcast hour.

At a strategy session at this year’s LeadsCon Connect to Convert in Boston, industry experts and media buyers will explore the evolving medium and where marketers are finding success as the landscape shifts. “Audiences Unbound: How TV Went From Passive to Active and the Ways Our Most Innovative Direct Marketers Are Seizing More Leads” takes place on Day 2 of the conference (Oct. 4).

Understanding the New TV
For anyone interested in using advanced TV to complement other marketing efforts, the first step is understanding the different advertising categories and how to track campaigns there.

This will be a primary aim of the LeadsCon Connect to Convert panel. Attendees will hear from Shannon Nelson, chief revenue officer of direct response sales at REVshare; Nicole Clemente, associate director of sustainer giving at Save the Children; and Dayle Siegel, media manager at JD Mellberg Financial.

The panel will detail how the latest streaming services operate, in a way novices and those with some experience in the field can grasp. Key focuses will be on accuracy of measurement, accountability, and overall cost-effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Creating Compelling Campaigns
With the basics down, the panel will turn to examples of marketers finding success in the medium. With some 33 million Americans expected to identify as cord-cutters in 2018, there’s clearly a huge market to tap. (Meanwhile, research released in June 2018 pegged the percentage of U.S. households with at least one streaming service at 74 percent.)

The panel will send attendees away with a game plan for creating a compelling campaign designed for this TV landscape. Some creative tactics are special to this format, but in many cases marketers can transfer over skills that have worked elsewhere.

Those who hope to complement online efforts will walk away with best practices for improving ROI and lower cost per acquisition. As the opportunity in this space continues to increase, this is a must-attend session at this year’s LeadsCon Connect to Convert in Boston.

To learn more on what’s driving today’s customer acquisition, performance marketing, and sales, join us at LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert this October in Boston. Register today.

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