Generating Leads Through Interactive Apps

By Maryann TobinJuly 14, 2014

In an ever-changing digital world, interactive apps are more than simply a driver in a marketing toolbox. How a user reacts to what they experience is directly related to whether or not their clicks ultimately create a new customer or keep an existing one happy.

However, a well-designed app does so much more than simply make your brand stand out. It can be an effective source for leads that can convert a casual shopper into a buyer.

Twitter’s “Buy Now” button

Until recently, it wasn’t a sure bet that Twitter would be on the cutting edge of integrated marketing. That all changed in July with the tease of a Twitter “Buy Now” button.

According to Re/code, “The products being shared in these tweets come from a shopping app called Fancy. Back in January, Re/code uncovered a mock-up online that was created by Fancy and that a source said was used to pitch Twitter on what a Twitter e-commerce integration could look like…

So did Fancy accidentally make public another Twitter Commerce experiment? Is Twitter starting to facilitate in-tweet purchases?”

While Twitter’s “Buy Now” button is not yet fully operational, few will deny that it has the potential to be a game-changer for mobile marketing.

Apps by the numbers

There was a time when Windows was the only real player in the computing world but those days are long over.

Today, there are more iPhones on the planet than people in some countries. In fact, in March, Apple reached the milestone of 500 million in iPhone sales.

As impressive as that sounds, it pales in comparison to the 50 billion iOS apps downloaded from the App Store, as of May 2014.

The Android operating system is also taking a bigger and bigger chunk out of the mobile computing market.

“Sales of Android tablets accounted for 61.9 percent of the global market last year, or nearly 121 million units sold in 2013,” according to PC Magazine.

The sheer volume of all those mobile devices connecting so many people and businesses can be mind-boggling. But it also represents opportunities for dynamic industries to reach potential customers on a scale that was unimaginable just a few years ago.

The customer experience was once limited to brick-and-mortar stores. Today, more businesses are relying on buyers they may never physically see. How they connect is crucial to e-commerce success.

The future of digital marketing is not a single path but many that include good website design, social media integration and mobile technology. And it is interactive apps that can connect them all.

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