Greater Transparency: Andrea Hoffman Shines a Light on Opaque Interactions

By aiwpadminMarch 7, 2017

by Kieran Kern   

With digital ad spend set to exceed television ad spend this year, advertisers know they need to make the move to digital. However, a great deal of misinterpretation of services and outcomes exists when it comes to buying traffic and leads.

This black box of bewilderment requires advertisers to spend their dollars with little to no guidance. Advertisers often don’t know if or how online advertising works, let alone how an ad gets in a pre-roll slot before a video.

Digital media companies enjoy a decided advantage over the advertisers that buy from them because of this complicated and ever-evolving nature of the digital realm. There are a multitude of levels and relationships where mailers and publishers and agencies and networks buy from each other. The Association of National Advertisers released a report on media transparency issues that highlights the disconnect in the process.

Andrea E. Hoffman, vice president at Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company, shines a light on these opaque interactions in her LeadsCon session “Need for Transparency: Where are Your ‘Network’ and ‘Agency’ Leads and Clicks REALLY Coming From? It is Time We All Find Out.” The performance-driven executive oversees internet marketing, business development and web/ database operations and pushes innovation and success via the synergy of cross-functional technical and marketing teams. Her session will address topics including how to manage your business in an environment that thrives on a lack of knowledge and knowing who is responsible for managing your compliance concerns.

Hoffman understands what advertisers are going through and their concerns such as how to optimize and measure ROI when the characteristics of the leads and traffic are unknown. This new business paradigm is rife with dangers and Hoffman explains how to identify the pitfalls and help get out of this jungle.

Attendees will discover why networks are valuable and how to maximize their relationships within them. After the session, advertisers will be armed with key questions to ask their email network and lead aggregator partners about the traffic they are buying. These questions will help ensure a better quality of buyable traffic and the continued existence of highly lucrative channels. Hoffman will also help attendees understand the steps each individual can take to disrupt the buying and selling paradigm, clear the confusion and make strides in the industry.

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