How to Be Mobile Marketing Royalty

By aiwpadminMarch 8, 2017

by Michael Foster    

Remember when every year was the “year of mobile”?

We don’t say that anymore because there’s no denying mobile is already here. Mobile marketing has grown up, and the best marketers are already adopting mobile marketing into their broader campaigns. Not just that, but many marketers are shifting to a world in which mobile comes first, before all other channels. Even before television.

In a way, every year is now the year of mobile.

What does this mean for mobile marketing? A lot. First and foremost, it means you need to take mobile seriously because your competitors are. Secondly, you need to look at your conversion rate on mobile and drive it higher.

Perhaps most importantly, you need to accept the fact that your mobile conversion rates can be better. You just need to learn how to make it so.

For e-commerce, this is a truism that’s already baked into the pie. Online retailers have created mobile-optimized sites with fast, responsive shopping cart tools that make mobile transactions easier, both on mobile webpages and in mobile apps.

Not all sectors have taken the e-commerce lead, but they need to catch up quickly to stay competitive. Even if you aren’t looking to drive online sales, you need to improve your mobile page and focus on driving higher mobile conversions. Google has made it clear to publishers that they will penalize sites that do not optimize for mobile. And anyone with a website knows that their real traffic growth is on mobile screens, a trend that is only going to continue.

That’s why we’re taking an in-depth look at mobile conversion strategies at this year’s LeadsCon. In the session entitled "Insights into Mobile Conversion,” CEO Tim Ash will lead a discussion on the new realities of mobile marketing and how many marketers and site publishers are making huge mistakes when it comes to serving the mobile-first consumer of 2017. In this session, Ash will look at mobile user behavior, mobile app usage, the reality of building and maintaining responsive websites and how the best mobile publishers give the best mobile experiences.

Join us at this year’s LeadsCon and learn how to make your mobile strategy pop.

Click here to register for LeadsCon Las Vegas 2017.


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