How to Crack the Content Marketing Conundrum

By aiwpadminJanuary 15, 2018

by Eric Schaal


Most consumers have grown tired of heavy sales pitches. If that’s the only way your business tries to attract new customers and clients, it could be a tough slog ahead. However, everyone likes relevant information produced in an attractive format they can digest.

In other words, they are more open to content marketing. Most business owners know this, but not everyone has the tools and strategy to deliver great content that also converts. As one of the pre-conference workshops at LeadsCon 2018, two pros from Vertical Measures will show how to produce and amplify content that generates more sales.

Answering your customers’ questions
Consumers come to the marketplace with many questions about products. Among other things, they want to know how they operate, what life is like with them and whether they can afford them in the long term. They also want to know details about production, sourcing and environmental impacts. Companies that answer these questions effectively can build trust and move toward closing sales.

Erik Solan, Vertical Measures’ director of amplified content, will walk workshop attendees through the importance of content in three stages of the customer journey: awareness, evaluation and decision. When you have a sound approach to content in each of these phases, you have a better chance of topping your competition.

Erik helped clients as diverse as Pep Boys and Wyndham Vacation Rentals improve ROI with his techniques, and he works comfortably in all digital media channels.

What attendees can expect to walk away with
Joining Erik in the workshop will be Drew Eastman, director of content marketing education at Vertical Measures. Drew will share his expertise in managing large websites and training clients to run their marketing programs.

Attendees can plan on walking away with:

  • Reasons why brands need to connect with clients throughout the journey.

  • Knowledge to brainstorm and generate content that reaches users with solid SEO strategy.

  • The time, format and delivery method for the content, with an emphasis on customer engagement.

  • Ideas for combining digital strategies with traditional marketing techniques.


Attendees will receive a workbook for taking notes and jotting down questions for the Vertical Measures team. Templates for building and distributing your content will be part of the package.

Content marketing does not have to be a puzzle for any brand. At LeadsCon 2018, this pre-conference workshop will get you thinking about new ways to reach clients. Whether you have a B2B or B2C shop, the Vertical Measures approach will help.

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