Introducing! The Best Call to Action? A Call

By LeadsConAdminSeptember 23, 2015

Last week, we announced a new event for the LeadsCon Community –, to be held in San Francisco, January 19 – 20, 2016. We’ve partnered with LeadsCon founder, Jay Weintraub of NextCustomer, to introduce this new event focused on driving more calls.

Contact gives you a chance to join 500 marketers, entrepreneurs, and technology leaders spanning some of the largest sectors of the economy from financial services, healthcare, home services, professional services, and travel, all focused on the call marketing ecosystem. Whether you have an existing call infrastructure and call campaigns, Contact is the summit for understanding how to generate more calls, what technologies are essential, and which partners are right for your business. 

According to Jay Weintraub, so much of what we know to be "lead gen" already involves call marketing; as such, you may be wondering how Contact differs from LeadsCon? The answer has to do with the key distinction between leads and calls, the delivery model. A call can be inbound or outbound; it can be direct to a buyer, have been through an IVR or touched a live agent. But it is always a human being put DIRECTLY in touch with another human.

Covering the tactics and integrations involved in call marketing requires a more in-depth analysis than what LeadsCon could allow. Despite their differences, calls can't be fully separated from leads. As a result, Contact incorporates the best of lead gen with the best of this new call-based ecosystem.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone looking to purchase calls in addition to leads
  • Anyone looking for call marketing technology solutions
  • Anyone looking to optimize existing call lead efforts
  • Anyone wishing to understand the regulatory landscape around the call ecosystem
  • Anyone wanting to maximize unrealized revenue through call services
  •  Anyone deciding whether to bring calls in house or partner with a third-party provider

This is truly an exciting time. A call is no longer a call but a unit of data, and that means a new world of possibilities to not just connect the web and the phone but how we can start to think of voice as a whole. Join us for an exploration of all that is possible at Contact, the first-ever call marketing conference. Learn more at And, if you choose to be one of the 500 tickets available, click here to pay just $495, $200 less than the current Early Bird rate. 

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