March 4-6, 2019 | The Mirage, Las Vegas

2017 Full Program



Tuesday | March 21

1:30 PM – 2:20 PM

Why Your Content Marketing Is Not Working - And How to Fix It

You've been working at content marketing for while now, but the staff and executive team is starting to get frustrated. You’ve been publishing blog posts, videos and infographics, but no one seems to be reading or watching. The traffic, leads and sales are just not coming in. The reason why comes down to one simple fact: You’re making some key mistakes which are preventing you from being successful. Join Arnie Kuenn, CEO at Vertical Measures, for a session that will dive into the current state of the industry, and show you what you can do differently to achieve success – fast. Learn how to combat downslides in your content marketing program and learn effective ways to revamp your strategy. Learn how to move past pressing "Publish" on content that doesn’t move the needle, and learn strategies to catapult your results and see just how potent content marketing can be for your business.
Key Takeaways:
• Understand how to perform deep content topic ideation to capture organic traffic
• Find ways to shift your strategy to adopt agile methodologies
• Discover the magic of a Hub & Spoke content model
• Learn why search engine optimization is more critical than ever
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2:30 PM – 3:20 PM

Facebook Advertising Successes + Challenges - What You NEED to Know!

Eager to hear real insights? We'll highlight and share the x-factors for success to launch a profitable Facebook campaign. Join us for a cross-industry panel of leaders discussing successes, learnings and pitfalls to avoid. Learn about what worked + why, what failed + why? Was it abandoned completely or iterated and tested again? What are the key learnings across different industries?
Key Takeaways:
• Learn the keys to success from brands across verticals
• Discover the key strategies at various stages of growth
• Find out potential pitfalls to avoid
• Understand the keys to testing + iterating and when to invest or abandon
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4:10 PM – 5:00 PM

The Millennial Challenge: How to Build an Authentic and Quality Online, Social and Mobile Experience to Attract Millennial Shoppers and Build Brand Loyalty

There are more than 75 million Millennials in the US, now exceeding the number of baby boomers. Attracting these consumers requires vastly different tactics and strategies than used with previous generations. These consumers have grown up with the internet, are tech savvy, spends hours a day on mobile devices, participate in multiple social media outlets and are considered to be one of the most brand-loyal generations. Join us as we offer specific tactics and strategies for developing integrated marketing programs to attract millennials with high purchase intent while building brand loyalty and repeat purchase behavior.
Key Takeaways:
• Come away with a summary of factors influencing Millennial buyers and specific online, mobile, and social strategies and tactics that can be used to attract Millennials effectively while at the same time building brand loyalty
• Discover strategies and tactics for lead generation companies, service providers, and online commerce sites
• Learn specific examples of how insurance, home improvement, and finance websites are successfully targeting Millennials
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