March 4-6, 2019 | The Mirage, Las Vegas

2017 Full Program



Tuesday | March 21

12:00 PM – 1:20 PM

Insurance Summit Sponsored by EverQuote: How to Train Your Brain for Success

Based on his best-selling book Train Your Brain for Success, Roger Selp will take you through specific ways of thinking and acting that will get anyone where they want to go, fast. Learn to condition your mind to move toward success automatically, by discovering greater memory power and fundamental techniques for boosting reading speed and comprehension. The first 50 attendees will receive an autographed copy of Train Your Brain for Success.
Lunch will be served during this session.
Presented By:
  • Roger Seip, Co-Founder, Freedom Personal Development
2:30 PM – 3:20 PM

Demand Fuel Sponsored Workshop: Effectively Leveraging Paid Search as a Channel for Qualified Lead Generation

Your digital marketing programs should be built around creating a pipeline so you can hit your sales quotas. This frees up your salespeople to do what they do best: build relationships and sell. Paid Digital Marketing is a way to accelerate this – if you have the right goals and processes in place. Attend this session and discover:

• Proven approaches to paid search to get more and better leads into your pipeline
• Tactics to refine your lead gen process and focus on higher quality leads
• Effective methods to track and measure your goals
Presented By:
4:10 PM – 5:00 PM

Twilio Sponsored Workshop: Top 3 Reasons to Customize Call Tracking for Your Business

61% of the people who call the number on a landing page or ad have already made the decision to buy, so knowing what drove calls is vital for your business.

Tools like Google Analytics and Mixpanel have made it easy to know which digital channels are driving leads—but how do you precisely track leads when a prospect calls and takes the conversation offline?

Using APIs for voice and phone numbers you can build a call tracking solution to:

1. Track millions of keywords per day via lead attribution
2. Convert leads while they’re still hot using dynamic routing
3. Tailor campaigns for each customer with workflow optimization

This session will discuss why a custom call tracking solution can help you track, measure and optimize calls just like clicks.
Presented By:

Wednesday | March 22

12:00 PM – 1:20 PM

Insurance Summit Sponsored by EverQuote: What Does It Take to Have the Fastest Growing Agency in the Country

Two of the country’s most successful insurance agency owners will share their best kept secrets on what makes their businesses so successful – and the unexpected obstacles that have challenged them in the process. Walk with John Seep and Ralph Perez as they take you through their journey to the top of the insurance industry. Learn from their experiences and participate in an interactive discussion with two agents who have achieved tremendous success with two, very unique growth strategies.
Lunch will be served during this session.
Moderated By:
  • Hunter Ingram, EVP – Agency Business Development, EverQuote, Inc
Presented By:
  • John Heep, Agency Owner, John Heep Farmers Insurance and Financial Services
  • Ralph Perez, CEO, Direct Property and Casualty