March 4-6, 2019 | The Mirage, Las Vegas

2018 Keynote Speakers

Manish Gupta:

Vertical Measurement Lead, Facebook

Tuesday Morning, March 6, 2018
Using People-Based Measurement to Drive Real Business Outcomes

Marketers are dealing with increasing complexity around creative, platforms, metrics and cross-device measurement. Proxy metrics can lead marketers astray and away from real business outcomes. In this session, Manish Gupta will share how marketers can measure better using ‘people-based’ measurement and how to use first and third-party tools to measure across the funnel against Audience, Brand and Sales outcomes.

About Manish:
His team helps clients in the Entertainment, Gaming, Technology and Telecom verticals to improve their business outcomes through measurement. Some of the clients that Manish’s team works on include Netflix, Microsoft, Supercell, Disney and T-Mobile. Manish area of focus is helping his clients leverage measurement tools across the funnel from driving awareness to sales.

Jason Neubauer:

Gen Z Marketing, Brand & Digital Strategy Thought Leader, Sprint Wireless

Tuesday Morning, March 6, 2018
How Brands Win Gen Z with Content Marketing

Although Generation Z is comprised of individuals aged 20 and under, the group holds significant economic impact: They influence nearly in discretionary spending alone and that number is only set to grow. And contrary to the myths surrounding this generation, they are not following in the footsteps of millennials. Growing up in a post-digital age has completely altered the way in which these adolescents form their identities and brand affinities, even compared to the generation before them. As a result, Gen Z has developed distinct expectations for brands and advertising. Join Jason Neubauer as he shares his insights into engaging this key demographic.

Key Takeaways:
• Discover the past, present and future of influencer marketing trends
• Find out how to build and internal influencer program that aligns with your brand to engage Gen Z audience
• Learn how to create authentic influencer content and increase engagement with specific strategies for Gen Z
• Understand how to align traditional and digital content for Gen Z

About Jason:
Jason is the CEO of The Santa Clause Affect and works to Affect Change by highlighting Millennials and Gen Z who use social media for good. Jason is also the Co-Founder of the Gen Z and Millennial Division “Candy Bar” at Sprint Wireless