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B2B LeadsCon Summit

Your Mission: Build a Better B2B Lead Gen Mousetrap
Your Desination: B2B LeadsCon

Are you prepared?

As Liam Neeson would say, if you want to succeed in B2B marketing today, you need a very particular set of skills. 
You need to connect with prospects, long before they even want to identify themselves as a potential customer. Then you need to nurture a relationship through the funnel to conversion—and know the metrics behind what actually moved the needle.
B2B LeadsCon will give you the skills to find and convert customers. Take your B2B marketing strategy to the next level and learn:

  • How to find the right prospects
  • Ideas for nurturing them at all points in the funnel
  • What really drives conversion for top brands like Lego Education, Makino Americas, Avalara and Triumverate Environmental
  • Ways to leverage email for better engagement
  • How to get sales & marketing to escape the silos and play nice
  • The best tactics to create interactive content
  • The latest trends in video, social and buyer personas
  • And more!

B2B LeadsCon NY is the B2B focused event within LeadsCon NY that specifically covers the unique challenges of the B2B Lead Gen Marketer.

Unlike Consumer Lead Gen, Business-to-Business Lead Generation typically is targeting specialized industries, job functions or accounts that must be qualified, nurtured and turned over to a sales team. At B2B LeadsCon you will learn the latest targeting techniques to identify, qualify, engage and convert leads to meet and exceed your B2B lead gen goals.

Overall, LeadsCon NY & B2B LeadsCon NY attract over 1,700+ marketing professionals, of which approximately 300+ register to attend the B2B conference track.



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