Legal Lead Gen: Lead Buyers and Lead Providers for Legal Services

By aiwpadminFebruary 16, 2016

by Michael Foster.  

Legal services is a unique corner of the services industry. Unlike most other industries, law has very high initial costs and a captive audience who, let’s face it, probably would prefer not to be in a position where they are shopping for legal services. Does this translate into a different sales funnel for lead generators and buyers of those leads?

The quick answer is: Yes, it does. Legal marketers have been experimenting with pay-per-click ads (whether search or display), search engine optimization and arbitraging data to maximize lead value and potential, and their knowledge has created some best practices that wildly differ from other parts of the online marketing world.

One issue is the very different calculus of keyword bidding. For instance, legal lead generating involves highly localized and targeted keywords, and buyers are hoping to attract leads that could result in a single shot of revenue in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars range. This involves a very different PPC strategy from using your clicks to sell books or even iPads.

So what is the best source for legal leads? While there is no one right answer to that question, there are some standards that legal lead generators have developed and refined in the age of retargeting. Thanks to data management platforms and demand side platforms (DMPs and DSPs), the legal marketing world has benefited from a revolution of higher quality leads at much lower costs thanks to layering data on top of display ads that were literally selling for fractions of a penny.

This doesn’t mean retargeting display ads have saved the legal world. SEO, SEM and even video are incredibly important elements of the media mix, and the savvy legal marketer knows how to combine them all to make campaigns outperform.

To understand better how that mix of different online avenues can help lawyers, legal services firms and legal lead generators improve the sales channel, a group of legal professionals and legal marketers are meeting at this year’s LeadsCon to discuss the changes in the industry and how they are improving the lead generation process for legal leads. Braden Pollock of Legal Brand Marketing will kick off a discussion that will range from outsourcing legal leads to using location marketing and whether or not to purchase turnkey lead gen services from third parties or to bring lead generation in-house.

Joining Braden are Andy Northcott, VP of Business Development at Total Attorneys, and Seth Price, Managing Partner at PriceBenowitz. As users of legal leads, Seth and Andy will discuss which strategies worked in which conditions and how the future of legal lead generation is likely to manifest itself.

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