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How to Discover New Energy in your Marketing Career

May 12, 2014, by Dan Redman

If Mad Men (TV) has any relevant bearing on modern marketing careers, it’s that, plain and simple; this is a...

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The Rise and Fall of Affiliate Marketing in Insurance Leads

May 7, 2014, by Tom Carolan

Affiliate marketing is not the final act in the play of insurance leads generation. What’s next? If you can’t find...


Big Data, Big Value: Master Marketing Performance With Merged Datasets

May 5, 2014, by Ross Shanken

Consumer generated information is exploding.  Whether you are talking about stock trades, advertising or lead gen, the trend is toward...


LeadiD Raises $7M in Series A Funding Round

May 1, 2014, by Michael Ferree

Comcast Ventures, Tribeca Venture Partners, Genacast Ventures Lead Cash Infusion   Philadelphia – April 30, 2014 – LeadiD, the first...


Perfect Audience Launches Self-Service Retargeting Solutions For Facebook Dynamic Ads & Twitter

April 30, 2014, by csmith

Perfect Audience launched in 2012 to offer self-serve solutions that allow mid-tier marketers to manage their own retargeting campaigns. Within...


Skydiving and Legal Lead Generation: Tips to Ensure You Are Safe

April 30, 2014, by Jason Romrell

Even if you’ve never been skydiving, you can imagine how thrilling it is! On your first jump, you’re strapped to...


Cost Per Lead Advertising by the Numbers: 10 Steps That Will Transform Your Acquisition Process

April 29, 2014, by Steve Rafferty

Running a Cost Per Lead advertising campaign seems simple. Pay a fair price for the leads of people who requested...


How Does Ad Retargeting Really Work? [Infographic]

April 29, 2014, by csmith

Here's a dilemma that small- and medium-size businesses often face: a consumer searches for your products and services, but they...


You Might be Missing These 3 Essential Things on your Mobile Marketing Playbook

April 29, 2014, by Mike Onghai

During the course of our site redesign, we learned that over 40% of users are on mobile. But we designed...


Lead Management: 7 Steps to the Process that Creates Revenue

April 28, 2014, by csmith

A few weeks ago, I was speaking with a director of marketing about a demand generation program he was getting...

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