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Get Ready! Twice as Many Americans Will Buy ObamaCare Plans During Next Open Enrollment

July 22, 2014, by Jeff Smedsrud

The number of Americans who buy ObamaCare health insurance in the next Open Enrollment period will far surpass the eight...

SMS Marketing: Precision Messaging with Instant Reach

July 21, 2014, by Dan Gallagher

Is your phone within eyesight right now, within arm’s reach? Or maybe you’re reading this on your smartphone. If so,...

Mike Boland, VP, Content and Senior Analyst, BIA/Kelsey

July 17, 2014, by Michael Ferree

Social Media and Lead Generation: Quantity over Quality?

July 16, 2014, by Michael Foster

Social media marketing and ROI are not clearly associated. While some marketers believe that display advertising on social channels can...

How to Build a Successful Relationship with Your Leads Partner

July 16, 2014, by Frank Healy

As an education marketing company, we know that strong business relationships are vital to success. As we work to ensure...

Ten statistics that Underscore the Importance of Email Marketing

July 15, 2014, by John Egan

Email marketing is alive and well – and living in your inbox. Consider this: 58 percent of marketers who responded...

2 More Reasons You Should Stop Buying Leads

July 15, 2014, by Eli Gladden

Last Month I wrote about one big reason to stop buying leads and start generating your own: driving inbound calls....

Generating Leads Through Interactive Apps

July 14, 2014, by Maryann Tobin

In an ever-changing digital world, interactive apps are more than simply a driver in a marketing toolbox. How a user...

LeadsCon NY & B2B LeadsCon Summit: Speaker Previews

July 10, 2014, by gdicso

Check out these preview interviews with some of the stellar industry experts lined up to speak at B2B LeadsCon and...

3 Steps for Blocking Bot-Generated Leads

July 10, 2014, by Jay Pinkert

It’s a shocking statistic. According to Interactive Advertising Bureau estimates, 36 percent of all Web traffic is fraudulent, and bots...

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