Shaking Things Up for Innovative Lead Generation

By aiwpadminJanuary 22, 2018

by Eric Schaal

Are you ready to innovate with your lead generation practices? If you’ve hit a wall, it may be time to turn to an entirely different method. Devin Hutchings, Uber’s Senior Performance Marketing Manager (Growth Division), came up with a technique you probably have never tried: Minesweeper strategy.

Using the same approaches that were winners in the classic video game, Hutchings changed the way lead gen happens at Uber. On the final day of LeadsCon 2018, join Hutchings for a session devoted to new lead-generating methods you can apply to your business.

Trial and Failure
Most people in business accept the prospect of failure as part of the process, and you should take that approach to lead gen as well. For example, there are certain situations in Minesweeper where there is no way out. Players have to decide between two moves, one of which will be a mine ready to detonate. Rather than sweating over a decision whose outcome you cannot change, the move is to act and note the results.

Accepting failures of this kind can help you see new ways to approach lead gen. While diving into such minefields may not sound appealing at first, the idea is changing your approach for innovation’s sake. Chances are you will come out of the process with a new perspective – if not a completely new method.

Predictive Models and Equations
Maybe you have a go-to list for lead gen, but have you tried out more complex equations? Hutchings approached his job at Uber with this type of rigor. Using predictive models and various formulas, he was able to find new openings. The top Minesweeper players know which squares are the best starting points and build their approaches from those areas of the board.

This constant testing might seem like a waste of time at first. However, when you measure your results and weed out the nonworking paths, you can score bigger wins in the long run, often through enhanced efficiency. Making your way through unfamiliar channels is another approach Hutchings espouses. If you can find an opening in one of these channels and manage it effectively, it’s the stuff innovation is made of.

Learn how Hutchings took Uber’s lead gen strategy to another level – and walk away with techniques for your company – on the final morning of LeadsCon 2018.

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