The Call Center Environment

By LeadsConAdminMarch 16, 2017

Special Contribution by Ryan Stomel, CEO, Call Criteria

What are the key components of a successful business call center environment? We’ve broken it down to 3 key components… outsourcing vs. in-house call centers, quality assurance (QA), and the dialer you’ve implemented.


Outsourced strengths:

  • Cost Savings

    Companies can avoid the overhead and cost of hiring employees internally by outsourcing.

  • Productivity

With the phones taken care of, companies can focus on the other tasks at hand.

  • Trained Staff

Third parties that specialize in call centers will have a plethora of professionals who are already trained in call center etiquette, available to scale instantly.

Outsourced weaknesses:

  • Longer Talk Time

Whether it's a language barrier, product knowledge, or a connection issue, calls are typically longer with an offshore call center.

  • Script Diversions

When a caller gets frustrated or asks a question off topic, the conversation may get sidetracked which can lead to a poor customer satisfaction rate.

In-House Strengths:

  • Trusted Staff

You control who you employ within your company, based off trust and skill.

  • Customer Insight

Hosting your own call center means you have immediate access to all your customers and all conversations.

In-House Weaknesses:

  • Cost

From staff to technology to infrastructure and everything in between, the call center is totally your responsibility if you’re running it in-house.

  • Maintenance

When you have any kind of technical problem or infrastructure issue, every second lost is money lost.

Quality assurance is a key component in running and maintaining a business with agents on the phone each day by optimizing calls through consistent customer experience.

1. Set Clear Goals

  • Why implement a quality assurance program?

  • What operational changes are you looking to achieve?

  • Most importantly, what results do you expect?

2. Focus on Agent Coaching

Your call center agents are the front line of the company and have the greatest potential to affect the success of your quality monitoring program.

However, agents can be wary of quality control mainly because it often seems that the monitoring and analysis may ultimately threaten their very existence. To avoid the ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality, consider making your monitoring program a collaborative process with agent involvement.

3. Target High-Value Calls for Evaluation
Most companies sample random calls, and although it keeps things ‘even,’ it only provides part of the picture. To get the full scope of how your agents are performing when assisting valuable customers, you need to dive deeper.

Avoid missing out on the main elements that can help you improve by paying close attention to high-value calls; for example, those with high dollar values, interactions with VIPs or calls where a customer is following up on an unresolved issue.

The dialer technology you invest in is crucial to the success of your business. Do the research to find the best possible fit for your company and your team. Here are a few suggestions to look for as you shop around.


Is it user friendly? Can it scale with your business? Does it meet your business needs?

Agent training

How easy is it to train your agents? Is it a system you can easily jump on and understand in a day or two? The more complex the system, the more time you’ll be spending training your agents, so keep that in mind on demos.

This will depend solely on the industry you’re in and what you’re trying to accomplish. Popular features may include call recordings, agent reporting, agent chat, and much more.

What kind of add-ons are offered? Popular software integrations may include CRMs and other solutions and tools that businesses want and need.


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