The New Secret to Profit from Selling Leads

By aiwpadminJanuary 11, 2018

By Michael Foster


Selling leads is unlike any other business. Your customers are razor-sharp, constantly analyzing your product and endlessly calculating how much yield they can get out of what they’re buying from you.


If that wasn’t a big enough challenge, their yield doesn’t depend only on the quality of your products but also on the unique circumstances of your customer base and the ever-changing marketplace. Good sellers recognize this, and as they scale their businesses, they keep a close watch on their margins. The reality is that size doesn’t necessarily equal more profits, and scaling can result in sudden losses if sellers aren’t careful.


How can sellers focus on revenue generation and the profitability of their monetization efforts? The answer is coming from an unexpected source: signaling.


Signals are the cornerstone of marketing, and they’re nothing new. But the big difference now is that the signals available to marketers have gone from one or two key points to multidimensional, holistic profiles that are made up of dozens upon dozens of subtle data points etched together to create a profile highly predictive of sales success. Gone are the days where a filled-out questionnaire was your only source of signals. Now with social media, third-party audience profiles and digital footprint data, marketing signals are more complex than ever.


This information isn’t new to marketers – but many sellers aren’t keeping up. Signals come from everywhere in the digital media landscape. The ever-growing pile of data that marketers can rely on to boost performance is also a tool lead sellers can use to predict which leads will convert.


The problem that many lead sellers face is identifying those signals that result in better leads and communicating that to buyers. At this year’s LeadsCon in Las Vegas, we tackle this issue head first in “Seller's Summit: Paradigm Shift – Signal Is the New Lead.”


The panel will review the most important data trends in sales signals throughout the lead generation industry as well as some key case studies of how marketers have used signals to identify which of their leads are the best quality. Not only will you see the many data sources lead sellers can get easy access to, but you’ll also see which of those data sources are more reliable, predictive and cost-effective.


Don’t get stuck in the old way of transacting leads. The 21st century is all about data, and it’s time leads sellers took advantage of this data to keep up with the fast-changing landscape that changes the value of leads radically in the blink of an eye.


Click here to register for LeadsCon Las Vegas 2018.

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