Webinar: Complying with the FCC’s New TCPA Declaratory Ruling

By Michael FerreeAugust 4, 2015


Full Presentation with slides can be found here

On Friday, July 10, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission issued its anticipated Declaratory Ruling and Order on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act that it previously approved at its June 18 Open Commission Meeting. The Ruling, which was effective upon release, increases the potential for liability under the TCPA. In fact, it is perhaps the most significant consumer protection action by the FCC since establishment of the Do-Not-Call Registry and imposes liability that may be beyond a calling party’s reasonable control. The Ruling will necessarily impact how telemarketers interact with consumers via telephone and SMS text message. TCPA-related class action litigation and regulatory enforcement actions are sure to increase. This complimentary webinar hosted by advertising law attorney Richard B. Newman of Hinch Newman LLP and Ken Sponsler, Vice President of CompliancePoint, will report on the broad-sweeping statutory and policy declarations, and provide strategic guidance on operational compliance alternatives.



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