What Your Content Marketing Needs to Make That Connection

By aiwpadminSeptember 20, 2018

By Eric Schaal

Are you having trouble producing content that catches on? Every brand will go through periods when it seems like you just can’t find the right angle to reach your customers – or the right platform where they’re able to receive the message.

To get out of ruts big and small, content marketers need a wide-angle approach to reaching consumers. Meanwhile, your team needs to stay nimble enough to adapt your approach at any given moment.

At an Oct. 4 session at LeadsCon Connect to Convert in Boston, an expert panel of content marketers will cover the tools and strategies brands need to catch an audience’s attention and keep it.

Where the Engagement Is
Without an understanding of your audience, finding the right approach with your content will be impossible. Everything from where your customers consume content to the type of format they prefer will dictate how successful you are.

At “Why Content Marketing Matters: Tips, Tricks and Tools to Connect,” you’ll hear from Melissa Sciorra, senior manager of SEO at SmarterTravel; Julie Perusse, content director at GasBuddy; and Kathryn Pratt, director of brand engagement at L.L. Bean on getting the job done. Ben Grossman, SVP and group strategy director at Jack Morton Worldwide, will moderate the discussion.

Jack Morton and L.L. Bean had experience together in its “Be an Outsider” campaign earlier in 2018, and both Pratt and Grossman will explain how they capitalized off that brand experience moment in L.L. Bean content. Clearly, outdoors enthusiasts (i.e., L.L. Bean customers) have clear takeaways after escaping their offices’ fluorescent lights for a day.

But it doesn’t take that type of budget to see a strong return on marketing investments. Smaller brands can do well on much less.

A Question of Authenticity

It’s hard to imagine staying connected with an audience without being true to your brand. For Perusse at GasBuddy, that involves making sense of fluctuations in insurance costs and gas prices along with big-picture concepts like global oil prices.

Yet content has no chance to connect with an audience without reaching it in the first place. That’s where concepts like optimization for search – Sciorra’s job at SmarterTravel – come into play. The right amplification often goes further than constantly generating content that does not break through the clutter online.

This session will cover all the angles in content marketing and send attendees home with ideas on how to improve your brand’s approach right away.

To learn more on what’s driving today’s customer acquisition, performance marketing, and sales, join us at LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert this October in Boston. Register today.

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