10 Effective Strategies To Improve Customer Loyalty

By Mary HunterJune 11, 2019

Every business owner should always strive to establish good relationships with their customers. The brand should inspire loyalty and be reliable from the perspective of both regular and potential customers. But in a world where corporations are hungry for consumers’ attention and seem to be willing to go to any lengths to gain their trust, connecting with your customers is becoming more and more complicated.

On the other hand, there are some good techniques that can be utilized in order to achieve the best results possible. Here are ten effective strategies you can try to improve customer loyalty.

  1. Reward Your Customers

Customers love rewards. They not only bring positive emotions but can be of great use to those who want to save money, for example. Rewards, however, should not come only as discounts. Here are some ways you can reward your customers:

  • Discounts: This is the most popular type of reward. You can provide a first-time customer discount or surprise your regular customer with one. There are many ways you can use these, including holiday discounts and birthday discounts.
  • Sales: Even though sales are mostly done for all customers at once, you can still make them work in favor of customer loyalty.
  • Gifts: Surprise gifts are the best way to make your customers associate positive emotions with your brand. These can be anything from free e-books to small tokens that come along with their main purchase.
  • Personalized Cards: Personalized thank you cards can be a nice bonus for your regular customers loyal to your brand. This will show that you value them.
  • Special Event Access: And finally, access to special events can also be a perfect once-in-a-while gift to your regular clients. These can be anything from events related solely to your industry or, say, free tickets for an upcoming movie.
  1. Make The Relationship Personal

A lot of consumers feel like they don’t get anything when they purchase things from big corporations. On a subconscious or even conscious level, they understand that these companies only need their money.

Instead of giving off such a vibe, show that you are also human. You are not one of those huge money-making machines and your brand is something dear and special to you. If you do that, your customers will also start thinking that way.

  1. Find Feedback

Listening to your customers is the key to understanding what they want and need. If you hear their complaints, you will know which aspects of your products or your company should be improved in order to satisfy their needs and provide them with the best customer experience.

A lot of the time, you won’t even have to ask them for feedback – most of it can be found online. You can monitor the web for instances when you are mentioned with such tools as Mention and Google Alerts, and then either respond to these reviews or take them into account when developing your products.

  1. Invest In Regular Customers

Even though most of your clients will make one or two purchases at most, your regular customers will be the ones promoting your brand with word of mouth and coming back to buy from you again.

This is why it is so important to pay attention to your loyal customers and provide them with additional bonuses. Show them your love and they will show you theirs.

  1. Translate For Global Audiences

The best way to show your foreign audiences that you care is to translate your content into their native languages. This will not only let them easier access the information on your website but will also show that you are not indifferent to international customers.

In order to do this, you can simply order a translation from such an online localization service as The Word Point and let professional translators localize your content to as many languages as you like.

  1. Improve Customer Service

The better the customer service you provide, the better your customers’ experience will be. So, in order to make your customers happy, you must focus on the infrastructure of your company.

Hire only the most competent workers into your team and make sure to test them thoroughly before letting them work. You will save a lot of time and energy you would have otherwise spent on solving the conflicts that may arise in the future. The more experienced and the better trained your employees are, the fewer chances of issues arising there are.

  1. Implement Loyalty Programs

Loyalty and reward programs work best for returning customers. While occasional discounts and surprise gifts are cool, loyalty programs can motivate your loyal customers to purchase even more from you in order to accumulate loyalty points.

According to IRI Consumer Connect survey, 74% of customers choose a store based on a strong loyalty or discount program. This means that most of your customers are planning beforehand to be able to return if they like your products. Consequently, it is crucial to develop the right program for your brand.

  1. Host Giveaways & Contests

While giveaways and contests are perhaps not as frequent as sales or discounts, they are still a great tool to attract the attention of potential customers. If you are looking to instantly get potential customers to spend some time on your brand, this is the way to go. You can either use such online tools as Rafflecopter to host your giveaway or organize it yourself to your own liking.

You can host giveaways or contests in a variety of ways. Maybe you have a social media account, then you can ask users to follow it and like and repost your giveaway post to enter. Alternatively, the users must make a purchase in your store in order to enter. There are so many ways you can go here.

  1. Use Your Thank You Page

Most of the time, online business owners tend to forget about the potential of a good thank you page. Thank you pages are treated as an exit door, while they should be treated as the entrance. This is the ideal time to turn your first-time customer into a returning one! Consider adding such features to your thank you page:

  • Share to social media.
  • Subscribe to a distribution list.

You can also re-affirm their choice to purchase from your store by providing customer testimonials or a video on how to use the product on the thank you page.

  1. Create A Mobile App

Last but not least, consider converting your website to a mobile app. Through a mobile app, you will be able to ensure the best customer experience, make the purchase process easier, notify and reward your customers, and more.

To design a mobile app version of your website, you can either hire an app developer or directly use such services as GoNative that will convert the site for you.


To sum up, turning your clients into loyal regular customers is a lot easier than it may seem at first glance. Of course, you will need to put in some effort and invest your time (and probably money) to really get to know your customers and gain their loyalty, but it will be absolutely worth it in the long run.

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