3 Tips to Align Your Marketing With Students Most Likely To Succeed At Your School

By Frank HealyJune 30, 2015

With so many ways to reach students, institutions are striving to stay competitive while still meeting enrollment goals. Managing your school’s marketing mix using data-driven methods can help target, recruit and retain students more efficiently.

Here are three tips to align your marketing strategies with students most likely to succeed at your school.

1. Prioritize Market Research
Students come from many generational segments. Knowing the type of student your school needs to recruit, leads to success events throughout the student lifecycle. Therefore, market research is often needed to fully understand the multifaceted landscape of students. Start by categorizing your target audiences through research-based trends, demographics and psychographics. This data can often be found by reviewing government reports on student enrollment and through third-party research firms.

2. Align Your Programs
Degree programs are subject to change based on supply and demand, workforce needs and our ever-changing business landscape. To help gauge what’s working for your student population, it is important to monitor and measure current success rates in particular academic programs. You may also need to explore updating, or perhaps even removing, certain programs that are no longer relevant in the workforce. This also lets you focus marketing efforts on high-intent prospects best matched to your offerings.

3. Modeling for Success using Predictive Analysis
Defining what success events look like will assist schools with preparing for future cohorts. When building a model to improve marketing efforts, input from data analytics reveals past information, which, in turn, will contribute in developing new and improved recruiting methods. Also, the data lets you inform prospective students of the labor demand in the school’s area, or of places where demand for their degree exists. Using big data to fit your school’s marketing efforts will generate the best outcomes for students.

Understanding the landscape of students and the relevancy of your school’s opportunities relies heavily on market research, constant measuring and using data to make optimizations and enhancements. Supporting your marketing approach with the suggestions above will allow recruiting efforts to focus on targeting students that are most likely to succeed. 

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