3 Ways to Offer Leads Value through Content

By Frank HealyJune 1, 2016

Lead generation marketers aim to develop a stream of quality and high-intent leads. To do this, they must be able to attract the right users and drive action, and providing a source of value to potential customers has proven to be an effective strategy for this.

Here are a few ways to create value with content and, in turn, generate more valuable leads.

White Papers
Before creating a white paper, it’s important for marketers to understand the target audience’s pain points. How will the white paper address them? And from an even higher level, does the white paper fall in line with what the business’s product or service will ultimately solve for the lead? The white paper should simply solve a smaller piece of this larger puzzle.

Here are a few tactics to increase white paper conversions:

  • Create a clear, yet intriguing, title to increase clicks.
  • Showcase a well-designed cover to make it engaging and reflect its value.
  • Feature an excerpt that has substance and makes the reader want to know more.
  • Be transparent about what the prospect will get from downloading the content, and how it will solve a critical business problem.
  • Address objections by outlining privacy policies and how the information might be used.

eBooks are similar to white papers in that they educate and showcase thought leadership. However, where white papers might tackle a specific topic and quickly offer a solution, eBooks take a more comprehensive and in-depth approach.

Make the most of an eBook:

  • Combine already-created material and develop a collection that’s intuitive and adds value. 
  • Drive action with links and videos to keep the audience engaged.
  • Update every few years to make sure content remains relevant.

Webinars are an opportunity to engage in two-way conversation with prospects — usually in the Q&A portion. These conversations build and deepen relationships with leads in a way that static content cannot.

Webinars are an effective sales tool, but do have limits. They happen on a specific day at a specific time, so marketers must take work schedules, holidays and time zones into account. In order for webinars to be worth the time and effort, companies should approach them as more than a one-time event.

How to make the value last longer:

  • Give the option to download the slide deck post-event.
  • Offer the full recording to those who signed up but could not attend.
  • Repurpose the presentation and audience feedback into future articles. 

Offering value to prospects can foster lead generation in many ways. In addition to targeting and sparking initial interest, it’s an opportunity to stand out from the competition and build trust. These free resources also help answer objections and showcase use cases, which can effectively nudge a lead along in the sales cycle. 

Despite the type of content, offering value must be tied to a larger strategy in order to be effective, and a lead nurturing program should be triggered once a form for download has been completed. It’s important to also benchmark conversion rates and track as part of the larger life cycle of a lead. This ensures that leads are receiving value and the organization is as well. 

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