5 Effective Lead Generation Strategies for 3x the Increase in Incoming Leads

By Sawaram SutharSeptember 19, 2017

Modern-day businesses rely heavily on a multitude of techniques to capture business development leads. More specifically, a lead can be a person, company or institution that shows interest in a service/product offered by a company. When a company focuses on lead generation, it needs strong research, the right tools and a dedicated team to capture and service the leads efficiently. Lead generation is the criteria for a successful sales team, and with the rise of digital tools, it has become easier for the sales team to gather leads more effectively.

According to an industry survey, 63% of total business marketers find lead generation to be among the top challenges of the modern digital world. Although more than 53% of them spend more than half of their budget on lead generation, not every business is able to succeed despite their best efforts.

As a result of the adoption of modern technologies and techniques, many businesses have significantly improved their lead generation efforts recently. And yet, more than 61% of businesses fail to get the desired results due to a lack of such resources as staff, funding, time and techniques. Large stakes depend upon demand generation through leads, so every business must look at improving their lead generation efforts. Some proven and effective methods include:

1.     Creation of Valuable, Gated Content for Targeted Audiences

Gated content offers value to the reader systematically when a visitor follows steps from a website. Gated content can come in the form of eBooks, whitepapers, videos, webinars, etc., and have the potential to enrich people with valuable information about a particular segment or industry.

A business can leverage an individual’s particular interests to start offering gated content in return for their details when they show interest in a particular product/service. For example, a digital marketing company can develop an eBook that offers digital world insights and organic marketing strategies for small businesses. Website visitors can be prompted to show interest by grabbing a free eBook. If an individual shows interest, the business can further pursue him/her by showing paid products/services using regular follow-up emails.

2.     Use of Automated Lead Bots for Lead Generation

Automation is transforming the modern world and there’s nothing better than an automated lead bot to increase engagement and generate up to 3x more leads. Lead bots are tools that engage a customer who approaches a website by interacting with it.  In a way, they obtain the information that is essential for turning a visitor into a prospect, thus pushing him/her further into the lead funnel.

A lead bot, when implemented on a website, motivates a user to begin a chat and replies automatically to pre-set questions. By strategically improving lead generation chances through real-time interactions with customers, a lead bot generates leads in a much more effective way than any other method.

3.     Development of Content Upgrade Offers for Website Visitors

Another brilliant technique used to accelerate lead generation efforts is to offer content upgrades to visitors that build their interest in a particular product/service. Content upgrades are offered to website/blog visitors who have already come to a company’s website looking for information. A content upgrade can come in the form of an eBook, long post, or one-on-one email conversation with an industry expert that a visitor can utilize by showing interest in getting extra information about a particular service.

This technique builds the trust of the visitor who can provide a basic idea without sharing details but, when he likes the idea, can subscribe for a content upgrade by obtaining personal details. Now, the visitor becomes a prospect in the lead generation funnel. The sales staff can nurture the visitor by providing more information about their product or service.

4.     Attraction of New Leads and Investment Nurturing

The biggest challenge of lead generation is getting the attention of prospective clients. While many techniques are beneficial to boosting website visitors, it hasn’t really benefitted from converting them into prospects and eventual customers.

The best technique a company can adopt is relationship building with every visitor through investment, which can be done simply by making them feel comfortable with your business, services and experiences. A subtle follow-up through different attention-catching techniques also helps, like follow-up mailings, free delivery offers, and exclusive deals. Using these techniques, a business can succeed at building relationships and turning them into prospective customers.

5.     Performance of A/B Testing for Efficiency Content Evaluation

Lead generation relies on gaining significant insights into prospective customer behavior to know their desires and aspirations.  What do they want from your business? A/B testing is an effective tool for obtaining better customer knowledge and can increase lead conversion rates by up to 300%. A/B testing involves comparing the efficiency of two variants of the same content, for example, an email, a landing page, a web page or another component. This comparison is then used to determine the best version for boosting lead conversion.

Wrapping Up

These tips and technologies can definitely help your business obtain more conversions and generate 3x more leads. 

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