5 Major Reasons Your Banner Ads are Underperforming

By Frank HealyJune 16, 2014

One common problem in the inquiry generation industry is low conversion numbers when using banner advertisements. When banner ads do not perform well, your company loses both money and potential inquiries. The problem may not lie only in your banners, but also in your landing pages and data forms.

While the digital age has helped in this decision-making process, the amount of information available can be overwhelming and frustrating when trying to make an important decision. Many companies do not understand that its own webpages and advertisements may actually be turning away prospects or causing conversion rates to decline.

The following are five mistakes you may be committing, causing the quality or quantity of your lead generation efforts to suffer:

  1. Impressions Send the Wrong Impression. Banner advertisements may be the first impression someone has with your school, and visitors may skim past it if they don’t find the content compelling. Creative and copy should be cohesive and provide some information about what you offer, giving the prospect insight into how they can benefit from your school. A good impression can be just enough to get a user to want to learn more and click the ad.
  2. Disjointed User Experience Decreases Trust. When banner ads work and the user clicks through, they are often taken to an entirely separate website with a completely different brand experience. This alone may cause friction with users as they are transferred from the original site, causing a high bounce rate due to user distrust. Ideally, you should maintain the same environment throughout the inquiry generation process so the user never realizes they have entered your funnel.
  3. The Net is Cast Far and Wide. A problem many advertisers face online is connecting with their target market. The banner may receive a decent amount of clicks, but quality suffers because the wrong audience or too broad of an audience is being targeted. To fix this issue, utilize user data to provide more relevant advertising. This benefits both advertisers and their audience, who now receive advertisements better suited to their interest.
  4. Re-asking Information Casts Doubt. One of the most vital steps of gathering a prospect is getting the user to provide contact information. This becomes a tedious task, however, when they are forced to reenter the same pieces of required information that they have entered previously. Continuing to reenter all of that data can be frustrating and you could lose a valuable prospect. It’s important to make the process as easy as possible on the user by pre-populating existing information.
  5. Unqualified Prospects Aren’t Considered for Other Offers. Not everyone is a good fit for the product or service you are advertising. However this presents a great opportunity for cross-promotion.


To address these major areas of opportunity, there are several resources on the market for easily and seamlessly combating these challenges. Our own technology, EDU Server, is one of them. By embedding data collection into paid advertising efforts, our clients are able to control and optimize the entire user experience, from impression to submit.

When applied well, we’ve seen our own clients return results of increased revenue and conversion rates of more than 270 percent. 


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