5 Reasons Your Leads Aren’t Converting

By Frank HealyJuly 23, 2015

In the ever-changing industry of lead generation, marketers are continuously searching for new ways to establish processes that produce quality inquiries. As a leader in the higher education industry, Higher Ed Growth has first-hand knowledge of the challenges marketing partners encounter with their inquiry generation goals. When it comes to engaging and converting leads, many lead generation practices fail to meet standards. Schools and education partners alike can improve their results in tangible ways by re-evaluating current marketing methods to increase the amount of leads successfully converting into value prospects.

Below, Higher Ed Growth reveals five reasons your leads aren’t converting, along with insight on how to solve these problems and meet your goals.

1. You Haven’t Analyzed Your Audience
A lack of insights on your ideal target audience can lead to ineffective marketing campaigns. The more information you have on your inquiry generation lifecycle, the better you can determine where problems exist. Starting at the beginning of the funnel, you should identify who your ideal prospects are. To get a deeper understanding of your leads, start by collecting data on which sites and ads are driving users to your offer. Use the information and trends in that data to give you a better perspective on your overall target market and what motivates them to request information. This analysis will let you generate and deliver qualified content that suits your ideal lead.

2. You Aren’t Following Up
It’s important that you develop a comprehensive follow-up process before your program begins. When you have qualified leads that are interested in your offer, make sure that you respond with information immediately. If you delay reaching out to your prospect, a potential new lead could disappear. One main challenge is ensuring that you are holding the attention and interest of the prospect; focus on fast response times and develop a nurturing relationship with each interaction. Consistency breeds better conversions which turn into valuable opportunities.

3. You Don’t Have Dedicated Resources
A lack of resources may be holding you back in your goals. There is a mix of multi-faceted marketing efforts vital to the success of lead generation campaign, such as web design and promotion. Both sales and marketing are important to the lead generation process, and a lack of resources and collaboration between the two can cause misalignment. Having a better understanding of how the two departments relate allows your team to open up the lead flow from all possible sources. Make sure all bases are covered by ensuring there are dedicated resources at every stage of the inquiry generation process, from advertising to optimizing. Uncovering new strategies by prioritizing the different elements of your marketing process will let your company adjust and improve resources while discovering new perspectives on lead generation practices.

4. You’re Considering The Wrong Metrics
Every aspect of your lead generation process should start and end with tracking. This allows for measurement, testing and calibration, which confirm that you have an effective and efficient process. Conversion data is one of the most important metrics involved in your process; without this data you will not understand if you have performed to expectations. Tracking this data lets you improve your current marketing methods and adds value for an optimization plan to generate high-intent leads that will convert, evaluate, and optimize your plan frequently.

5. You Aren’t Being Social
The age of information has led to consumers expecting companies to have an engaging internet presence. Today, the first meeting between a buyer and a company is face-to-screen, which means you must be acutely aware of your online presence. Provide consumers with a rich multi-media website; this includes social media widgets, blogging, videos, and links related to relevant topics. Along with increasing your traffic and measuring your search engine ranking, creating relevant website content entices the user’s interest and establishes trust, which turns visitors into converting leads.

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