5 Ways to Create an Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy

By Lauren AlexanderJune 25, 2014

Though it’s been declared for years now, the Age of Mobile is officially here. According to CNN Money, mobile devices accounted for 55 percent of nationwide internet usage in January of this year¹. As the number of people who consume media on smartphones and tablets continues to skyrocket, marketers can no longer think of targeting mobile users as an add-on to traditional digital media strategies. Trying to jam non-mobile friendly content into mobile and tablet screens is not only inefficient; it can damage a company’s brand. Marketers must update their mobile marketing strategy, or get left behind. Here are five ways to engage mobile users and increase clicks and conversions.

Customize Mobile Content

Adapting to mobile advertising requires creative and messaging that is scaled down to smaller screens, slower download speeds, younger audiences, and shorter attention spans of viewers on the go. Mobile content should be short and sweet, so users will be able to consume it quicker and engage at a higher rate. Ad units should also try to leverage rich media, interstitials, and video. On a smaller screen, these units are that much more visible. Also, if the end goal is to capture visitor information, then a streamlined form process is essential to a meaningful completion rate.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

This seems like an obvious one, but you would not believe how many very successful, established businesses use desktop version sites for mobile users. Digital marketing expert Avinash Kaushik calls this oversight “the silent death” for online businesses. A site that loads slowly or is difficult to navigate on a mobile device is a guaranteed way to lose visitors and conversions quickly. The lack of mobile optimization by many companies is a big reason why mobile marketing generates a high CTR but lower conversion rate than display advertising.

Scoping the App Landscape

The CNN Money report also revealed that mobile apps made up 47 percent of internet traffic². This means most mobile ad networks are going to weigh heavily on in-app inventory. Understanding the app environment is crucial to controlling where your ads will appear and in front of which audience. It’s safe to say that American Express does not want to waste inventory by having ads served on Toca Town.

Test, Measure, and Tweak

Testing and analytics are crucial to success of any ad campaign, but in the relatively new and unproven world of mobile advertising, they are more important than ever. Test creative, placements and messaging, and monitor performance closely. Use incoming data to adjust current ads and messaging in real time and optimize future campaigns.

Get Social

A survey by Neustar/Localeze revealed that an astounding 92% of local business info searches on social media are done on Facebook³. Social media platforms hold a ton of valuable data about their members, and advertisers have access to it like never before. This allows you to create personalized, targeted ads for a well-defined audience and engage them with customer loyalty programs, social only offers, and localized promotions.

The bottom line is that mobile traffic is rapidly taking over traditional forms of media, and marketers need to stay ahead of the curve. They can no longer approach mobile advertising as a niche media channel, but must come up with strategies and solutions unique to a growing audience that is still taking shape, and is therefore still very reachable.



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