5 Ways to Stand Out in Lead Generation

By aiwpadminFebruary 9, 2017

By John Egan.   

As any lead generator knows, lead generation is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Still, it never hurts to be reminded that there’s more than one approach to lead generation. While one lead generation method may be your bread and butter, it’s worth expanding your horizons so that your lead generation strategy doesn’t turn into burnt toast at some point.

At the upcoming LeadsCon Las Vegas, Donald Mazzella, chief operating officer of Information Strategies which publishes Small Business Digest will present a workshop titled “Piercing the Noise Envelope: Standing Out in Lead Gen.” Ahead of Mazzella’s session, here are five ways you can stand out in lead generation.

1. Don’t skimp on content.

We know you don’t have a limitless budget for cranking out content aimed at generating leads. But since on-target content plays a key role in the lead-nurturing process, you must have enough content to satisfy a buyer’s hunger for information, according to Demand Gen Report. Why? Because, as Demand Gen Report points out, “many buyers are looking to binge on their topic of interest before they buy.”

In a Demand Gen Report publication, Meghan Durett, marketing director at Square 2 Marketing, is quoted as saying that some tire kickers who visit her company’s website might consume close to a dozen pieces of content within a two-hour span.

“It’s clearly what people are doing when they find the time to research a topic; they go broad,” Durett says.

2. Put some thought into your content.

According to a survey by Demand Gen Report, 96 percent of B2B buyers indicate they want content that contains more input from thought leaders in their respective industries. However, a report from Forbes Insights indicates too few lead generators are properly cultivating thought leadership within their organizations.

“Despite the growing importance of thought leadership to top-line growth, it receives more lip service than program dollars in actual practice,” the Forbes Insights report says. “Most organizations fail to put ‘muscle’ behind the idea by executing disciplined thought leadership programs in sales, marketing and media channels.”

The Forbes Insights report states that a successful thought leadership program – including blogs and research reports that promote subject-matter expertise – provides salespeople with a disciplined, coordinated stream of content that can help open doors, improve the effectiveness of sales calls, differentiate your offerings and deliver relevant advice.

3. Zero in on your prospects.

Demand Gen Report says marketers have grown more sophisticated when it comes to their content strategy and messaging so they can better target their lead-gen prospects. They’re concentrating more on quality than quantity, and they’re embracing a multichannel or omnichannel approach to reaching prospects at the right place and the right time, according to Demand Gen Report.

“Taking a more specific, persona-based approach with relevant messaging is the key to creating nurtures that people engage in,” Durett is quoted as saying. “We go back on a monthly basis and look at conversions and how things are doing. You’ll know where you’re doing well and where you’re not doing well. [The issue is] almost always the inability to align the message with what the buyer needs.”

4. Don’t rely solely on email.

As Demand Gen Report says, email may be vital to a lot of lead-nurturing initiatives, but it may not be the best fit for your organization.

Scott Thompson, marketing automation manager at MOBĒ, which offers a guided self-management program for people coping with pain, is quoted by Demand Gen Report as saying that email actually is the least effective lead-nurturing channel for his company. Instead, he says, old-school tactics like telephone outreach and direct mail pay bigger dividends for MOBĒ.

Remember: Email isn’t the magic bullet of any lead-gen campaign.

5. Pay attention to your website.

Chances are, many of your leads come through your organization’s online presence. But are you taking your website for granted?

Social media and marketing strategist Kiran Ross says she’s had clients who’ve wanted to drive traffic to their websites but their sites were terrible. The sites may not be up to date, mobile-friendly or user-friendly, she says.

“Don’t neglect your website!” Ross says.

Here are some other website tips from Ross:

  • Be sure the “About” section and other key information such as your organization’s address and phone number are current.

  • Make sure links on the site are working.

  • Check to see whether lead-gen forms are functioning.

  • Review the images on your site. Are they current? Are they high-quality?

For more guidance on how to stand out, be sure to attend Donald Mazzella’s session, “Piercing the Noise Envelope: Standing Out in Lead Gen,” at LeadsCon Las Vegas.

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