7 Ways Web Design Can Kill Lead Generation (With Conversion Rates)

By Aaron OpfellJune 30, 2014

A high converting offer is a little like a cake- it takes just one missing ingredient to fall flat. There are two components to a internet Lead Generation campaign that are critical to delivering a positive ROI to the advertiser. The first is a strategic media buying strategy, which can be highly expensive in today’s ultra competitive marketplace, especially for verticals like debt, auto, mortgage and edu. The second is a dynamite landing page that considers all aspects of conversion from consumer psychology, down to the HTML & Javascript. Assuming you’re already investing in internet traffic like Email, AdWords, & Facebook- how do you know your page design is truly effective at converting leads? Check your page against this 7 point checklist:


  1. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile. More than half of email traffic is using a smartphone or tablet. If your page isn’t using responsive design, or lacks a mobile version, you’re losing eyeballs and thus conversions. Tip: Check your offer out in @http://mobiletest.me/ . Don’t make visitors pinch and zoom, and make sure all elements function – especially the form submit and click to call.
  2. Browser Compatibility. Depending on who you ask, Legacy versions of Internet Explorer (9.0 and earlier) still have an astonishing 2-5% market share. Can you afford to lose any fraction of your traffic? Tip: Check http://netrenderer.com/ for legacy versions. Design doesn’t have to be pretty, but should still function.
  3. Load Time. The ever shrinking attention of the consumer is leading to page abandonment. If your page takes over 2 seconds to load, it’s losing visitor attention. Tip: Run a load test in http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/. Optimize for speed with page caching, CDN and minified HTML & CSS.
  4. Audience. An older demographic prefers the color blue, where young males under 25 prefer red. Every aspect of presentation and web design needs to match expectations of your audience. Tip: Know your audience with competitive research and tools like http://www.marketresearch.com/ 
  5. Continuity. If overall style and design of the landing page don’t fit the media placements and ads, it’s hurting conversions. A strong advertising message resonates through the entire funnel. Tip: Continuity is more art than science. Try A/B tests to identify which messages convert best. https://www.optimizely.com
  6. Form Function. Real time contact info validation is key to higher lead engagement, and multi-page or “accordion” forms can lower resistance and boost conversion rates. Tip: Use http://www.strikeiron.com/ or a similar API to correct data on the fly. Consult a developer with Jquery experience for intricate form functionality.
  7. Call To Action. The lowly form submit button is yet the most important element on the page. Does page layout, design, and copy draw the eye to it? Is it a loud and contrasting color? Tip: The text of the call to action button should be what you want the visitor to do. Unless you’re an evil dictator, don’t ask visitors to “Submit”.


The above checklist is ordered from highest to lowest priority. Think of each item as a stage in the lead conversion process. If your page isn’t mobile friendly and you lose 25% of your overall traffic due to that, you’re lowering your conversion rate by the same amount! Good landing page web design properly grabs visitor attention (1,2,3) and buying interest(4,5), before asking for a decision(6) and calling for action(7). Take 57 seconds to watch Alec Baldwin explain the AIDA (Attention, Decision, Interest, Action) concept:



In the clip, Alec Baldwin is motivating real estate salespeople with a legendary explanation of the sales conversion cycle. Your landing page is a fully digital automated salesperson. How well does it convert?

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