Acquire More While Spending Less

By aiwpadminJanuary 24, 2017

By Michael Foster.


Digital marketing always seems more expensive than other options. A truism of the marketing world is that acquisition costs, whether you’re buying traffic, emails, or potential customers, just keeps rising. There seems to be no solution to this inflation spiral, and many marketers have shrugged their shoulders and resigned themselves to paying more and more for quality customers.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Effective targeting to generate high-quality leads is not easy, and many platforms claim to offer quality leads while delivering nonsense. This failure to deliver has made marketers more and more dependent on Google and Facebook, which have proved themselves to be high-quality lead drivers that improve performance over time.

I’m sure you see the problem: With few reliable competitors out there, the few remaining firms that actually provide high-quality leads can jack up prices. And that’s been the problem with Google and Facebook for years.

Smart digital marketers are fighting back in several ways. The most successful ones are finding that they have been overpaying for leads and have identified the channels that are the lowest quality. In doing so, they can optimize their media spend toward those channels that deliver the best leads at the lowest prices and constantly optimize their campaigns by ensuring they’re delivering their message to the right people—and at the right price.

How do you do this? It all begins by identifying, verifying and activating against quality leads. This is not easy, and it’s getting harder as more and more channels pop up, more analytical solutions promise clarity and more data needs to be synthesized to understand what’s going on.

Marketers at Plymouth Rock Assurance and Neustar identified this problem long ago. Both firms looked at the leads they were getting from their marketing efforts, looked at how they could engage with those leads to drive sales and discovered which channels needed better messaging or targeting. Throughout this process, both Neustar and Plymouth Rock were able to drive their marketing efforts and increase profitability.

Join Michael Feuerstein, Marketing Services executive director at Neustar, and George Hurley, director of Marketing Acquisition at Plymouth Rock Assurance, in a personal discussion of how they improved their marketing efforts and discovered which channels were working, which weren’t and why.

On Tuesday, Mar. 21 at 1:30 p.m., Michael and George will discuss the problems with paying for leads in a session titled “Acquire More While Spending Less” at this year’s LeadsCon in Las Vegas. The session will focus on finding solutions that tackle the lead acquisition funnel from beginning to end and provide real-time decision-making across verified and qualified leads.

We won’t just talk about what channels work and which don’t—instead we will take a holistic approach at how you can identify and analyze each channel and marketing campaign to see what’s really working and what’s not. Michael's and George’s teams long ago recognized the importance of in-house customer intelligence to improve marketing performance, and they will share their process with you. We will also take a look at what tools are available for marketers to maximize their buying and selling potential in real-time and across channels.

It doesn’t matter what your industry is, who you work for, or what your marketing effort is. If you care about driving revenue and know cutting-edge marketing will get you to your goals, you need to join us at LeadsCon to be a part of the conversation.

Click here to register for LeadsCon Las Vegas 2017.


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