All Web Leads: The Way of the Networking World

By aiwpadminAugust 2, 2016

By Shahnaz Mahmud.

As Robert Kerrigan famously said: “The way of the world is meeting people through other people.”

All Web Leads (AWL) fully supports this ideal – it is a company grounded in networking. In simplest terms, AWL connects consumers who are looking to find insurance online with a network of agents, brokers and carriers that can help them get the products they are looking for at the best possible price, explains Erik Josowitz, SVP of Technology and Strategy. “So our technology platform is really all about how to match that consumer with the right insurance agent or the right insurance broker that offer that product the consumer needs or is looking for.”

AWL is a Gold Sponsor of the upcoming LeadsCon Conference in New York, August 22-24.

AWL was founded in 2005 and acquired by San Francisco-based private equity firm GenStar Capital in 2015. GenStar helped AWL with its recent acquisition of Insurance Quotes, effectively doubling its size, as Insurance Quotes was the largest player in the insurance space. Now, as a result, AWL is the largest player in the space.

Josowitz has been with the company since 2008, running its marketing operations for the first four years, focusing on consumer marketing and lead gen activities. Subsequently, Josowitz focuses, as his title suggests, on technology and strategy in his current position. At present, his main attention is turned toward AWL’s customer acquisition platform; things that are going to positively impact the consumer experience or positively impact the experience of its customers; and things that can be improved upon to further AWL’s business.

Leading the Pack
Within the greater context of the lead gen space, Josowitz says AWL is “front and center” regarding current trends. “Lead generation has kind of moved from people doing pretty rudimentary online marketing activities to now performing sophisticated, machine-learning online driven marketing at high scale – and All Web Leads is leading the pack there,” he says.

Josowitz also points to its call center platform, which comprises a large component of AWL’s business. “So if we could get a consumer on the phone, we can actually help them ask a few additional questions to qualify what insurance product is going to work for them and then actually do a live handoff of a consumer to one of our customers,” Josowitz explains. “That makes for a very effective experience both for the consumer as well as the agent or agency.”

Tying in AWL’s LeadsCon sponsorship, Josowitz says he has witnessed over the last few conferences an increasing focus on calls as part of the performance marketing space. “I think what’s happened there is that at first online marketing really consisted of online display and research advertising, and it was all very measurable and calls really weren’t a part of that portfolio because no one had really figured out how to measure that activity and the results of calling campaigns,” he says. “That’s no longer the case. We are seeing more and more people interested and incorporating calling as a part of their online marketing portfolio. And mobile goes hand in hand with that.

Marketing as a Performance Medium
AWL has been a sponsor of LeadsCon since its second conference, having been a participant at the first one. Josowitz notes that one of the things that struck him and his colleagues about LeadsCon was a focus on marketing as a performance medium, rather than just a branding medium. “Looking at online marketing in terms of its ability to actually drive measurable, actionable business for a company – that was pretty unique,” says Josowitz. But, it was also the conference’s ability to draw in the right crowd. “From very early on, LeadsCon attracted C-level executives and from a networking standpoint, we just found it to be a very effective way for us to get together with lots of our partners, lots of our customers, and to get things done,” says Josowitz. “More than anything for us, the investments in LeadsCon was an investment in growing our business.”

At this year’s New York event, Josowitz wants attendees to understand that now AWL is indeed the largest player in the online marketing space in insurance, which, he adds, is one of the largest and most successful segments of online marketing itself. Read: Network with the company.

Josowitz is, as in the past, looking forward to rubbing shoulders with friends, partners and customers, having a bit of fun, but also learning what’s changed in the market, what new tools and vendors have hit. “Overall, it’s just a great opportunity to check in with what [and who] is going on,” he says.

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