Posts by Michael Foster

Coffee is for Closers

February 27, 2017, by Michael Foster

Do you remember that scene in Glengarry Glen Ross when Alec Baldwin’s character stops Jack Lemmon from pouring coffee because...

How content marketing has changed marketing forever

January 14, 2015, by Michael Foster

Content marketing was a major trend in 2014 as advertisers caught on that their access to media was often much...

Programmatic Buying Promises Better Leads at Lower Costs

July 22, 2014, by Michael Foster

Programmatic buying is taking online advertising by storm, but not all lead generation marketers have embraced the technology. That’s a...

Social Media and Lead Generation: Quantity over Quality?

July 16, 2014, by Michael Foster

Social media marketing and ROI are not clearly associated. While some marketers believe that display advertising on social channels can...

Why Marketers are Spending Less on Search and More on Performance display

July 8, 2014, by Michael Foster

The only constant in online advertising is change, and this can be seen in search engine marketing these days, where...

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