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Social Media Advertising: Driving Quality and Quantity through Direct Response–Michael Foster

July 16, 2015, by Shahnaz Mahmud

Social media advertising is hot. With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and even sector-specific social networks such as Houzz, now is the...

Leading Consumers Down the Rabbit Hole to Convert a Sale–Shahnaz Mahmud

July 14, 2015, by Shahnaz Mahmud

How do you get potential customers to travel down the rabbit hole leading to conversion? This remains a top-of-mind question...

The Best Metric is Revenue

January 15, 2015, by Shahnaz Mahmud

What is the true measure of success? In the lead generation world, it’s really about measuring revenue. The trick, according...

Crush Ads Plans to ‘Crush It’ in the Performance Marketing Space

July 24, 2014, by Shahnaz Mahmud

“Crush it!” The urban slang may find meaning for Crush Ads, the performance-based marketing division of BMI Elite. Why? Well,...

Getting Ready for the Biggest Performance of Your (Ad) Life

July 7, 2014, by Shahnaz Mahmud

Performance marketing sounds a bit like performance art – something stage-y or showy, or perhaps some sort of weird adrenaline-inducing...

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