Best Practices for Generating Leads through Mobile

By Alex HarrisAugust 7, 2015

The rise of mobile technology ushered a new breed of consumers that depended on their phones and tablets for tasks that were usually left to the bigger, more aged desktop computers. The 21st century’s first decade saw mobile devices being used not just for calling and sending messages, but also for doing and keeping track of business, among many others. For modern marketers looking to generate more leads, a little shift in your marketing strategies can help you appeal to mobile-savvy prospects better and achieve your goal.

A good way to start is to ask why mobile technology is so popular in the first place. Mobile devices are convenient. Their diverse functionalities cover many aspects of modern living. You can bring them anywhere—they fit in most bags and slip into your pocket with ease. They allow you to go about your daily life feeling reassured that the solutions to some of your everyday concerns are just a swipe and tap away. As a marketer, your lead generation strategies should take these principles into account.

1.     Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Responsive 
This cannot be stressed enough. A mobile-friendly website offers a slew of benefits, the first of which being that it provides better user experience. This means that visitors do not have to pinch their mobile device’s screens, zoom in and out, and squint just to understand your message or see your content. Additionally, Google doles out rewards for mobile-friendly websites, potentially increasing your site’s visibility and its ability to attract attention.

2.     Keep Things Simple
Eliminate unnecessary elements and opt for plain, easy-to-digest content and graphics. Your goal is not to impress your customers but to get your message across within a matter of seconds. This shortens the journey from one end of the conversion funnel and increases your chances of converting a prospect or making them come back.

Avoid cluttered themes and keep your images and videos at a reasonable number. While they may be effective at holding attention, using too many of them can leave your page way too complicated and distracting to visitors.

3.     Use Mobile-Compatible Copy
Conventional website verbiage and copy will not always work for mobile. Users often do not have the time and patience to linger and read web content through the small screens of their mobile devices. For this reason, it is important that you use copy with simple words and short sentences without compromising clarity and delivery of information.

On a related note, make sure that your copy is formatted in a manner that is easy to the eyes. Use a readable font style and size. Be mindful as well of colors you use for the text and its background, ensuring that there is adequate contrast.

4.     Target Your Audience
Mobile technology offers a convenient way to do this. User data derived from mobile apps are considered as a better source of information about your audience than conventional cookies. By using this data, you will be able to deliver information and follow up services that are appropriate to your prospects and which will make them more open to converting.

5.     Test
The best way to determine which lead generation methods encourage the most mobile users to convert is to perform testing. This allows you to gather objective data that will help you adjust your strategies to make them more effective. It will also help you avoid investing in ventures that will cost you money but will prove to be failures in the long run.

Mobile users present new challengers for marketers today. Adjusting your lead generation efforts to suit your prospects may entail some new investments in your part, but considering how more and more predominant mobile seems to be getting daily, the returns should be more than worth it.

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