How to Build a Successful Relationship with Your Leads Partner

By Frank HealyJuly 16, 2014

As an education marketing company, we know that strong business relationships are vital to success. As we work to ensure client satisfaction, we are reminded daily that successful relationships are partnerships, where both parties contribute their efforts to exceeding goals.


We’ve provided five tips on how clients can get the most out of a lead generation partnership. 


  1. Strategy. When developing a business strategy with your marketing partner, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Tactics that work well for one client may not be appropriate for another. While your partner conducts extensive research, make sure to collaborate in the strategy and planning phase by providing research of your own. Any information you can provide, from program target demographics to past and current marketing efforts, is essential to developing a comprehensive and successful strategy.


  1. Technology. An important step in choosing a partner is assessing their technological abilities and how they relate to your business needs. It is just as important, however, for your brand’s technology to be current as it is for your partner to have up-to-date and innovative technology. You should be able to receive prospect data directly into your customer relationship management (CRM) software in order to ensure not only a seamless transition of data, but also to track and report on events such as conversions. Ask your partner what types of software you should invest in to fully take advantage of what they have to offer.


  1. Expectations. Even the best marketing company will fail if it does not understand its client’s needs and wants. Set clear expectations with your marketing partner, and stick to those expectations when evaluating performance and quality. Discuss your conversion plan and goals thoroughly to give your partner a destination point to which they can build a roadmap. After discussing your expectations, your partner should have a clear understanding of what success looks like to you.


  1. Accountability. When a business relationship has mutual accountability, both parties are held responsible for the success of the partnership. While it is your marketing partner’s responsibility to provide you with quality prospects, it is your responsibility to make sure those prospects are developed to their full potential. Let your partner know what happens after you receive a prospect, including contact time, the maximum number of contacts and service level. Consider and implement partner suggestions to make the process more conducive to your conversion goals.


Transparency. The most relevant and sought-after trait today is transparency. Providers are expected and willing to give complete insight into their prospect generation process, building unprecedented trust with clients. You should be just as transparent with your partner, willing to share information such as conversion level data, to maintain a successful business relationship. The only way your partner will exceed the goals you’ve set in place is through open, honest and direct communication. If their methods are working well, let them know so they can continue to optimize, and vice versa. View your provider as a trusted partner and they will do the same.

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