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Why Marketers Use Call Tracking Software

October 23, 2019, by LeadsConAdmin

Digital marketers in Lead Generation have an exceedingly complicated job to do. They are often running multiple campaigns across a...

Top Metrics That Measure Inbound Call Center Performance

September 12, 2019, by LeadsConAdmin

 Your company's inbound call center is a crucial liaison between your products and services and the customers that keep you...

Making Your Entire Organization Part of the Unified Customer Experience

May 22, 2019, by LeadsConAdmin

Customer experience has, for decades, been the domain of the customer service reps tasked with resolving customer problems when they...

Call Generation: Acquiring Quality Leads at Scale

April 9, 2019, by EventNotes

Call generation can be confusing, can’t it? Inbound leads, average call duration, TCPA compliance, live transfer leads — If you’re... Sparks Panic Among Brokers with Move Towards Phone-Vetted Lead-Gen

April 1, 2019, by LeadsConAdmin

Brokers across the country are deeply concerned by's latest lead generation move, after learning that the company plans to...

Contact Center AI – What’s Out There?

February 21, 2019, by LeadsConAdmin

As technology continues to advance, companies are coming to realize that many benefits can be accrued from employing it. Tech...

How Advanced Analytics Can Help Contact Centers Put the Customer First

February 7, 2019, by LeadsConAdmin

Companies without advanced analytics are leaving significant customer-service improvements on the table. But to fully reap the advantages of advanced...

How Innovative Technologies Are Making Customer Interactions Human Again

January 24, 2019, by LeadsConAdmin

Think about the last time you dialed a customer support line. Perhaps you pressed button after button only to realize...

How to Best Use an Answering Service to Convert Those After-Hour Calls You’ve Been Missing

December 12, 2018, by LeadsConAdmin

Having somebody available to pick up the phone after hours may be worth every penny you pay. A constant push...

How to Improve Call Center Customer Satisfaction With Live Chat

December 3, 2018, by LeadsConAdmin

If you've ever asked somebody to describe their customer support experience with a company's call center, there's a good chance...

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