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Legal Lead Gen: Lead Buyers and Lead Providers for Legal Services

February 16, 2016, by aiwpadmin

by Michael Foster.   Legal services is a unique corner of the services industry. Unlike most other industries, law has...

LeadsCon Live New York • Ross Shanken, LeadiD

September 29, 2015, by Michael Ferree

LeadsCon Live NYC: Greg Gragg Talks Upcoming Changes to the LeadsCouncil

September 4, 2015, by Michael Ferree

Listen to Greg Gragg of Blue Chair, LLC as he discusses the upcoming developments of the LeadsCouncil.  

Webinar: Complying with the FCC’s New TCPA Declaratory Ruling

August 4, 2015, by Michael Ferree

  Full Presentation with slides can be found here On Friday, July 10, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission issued its...

Industry’s Shifting Focus to Student Outcome

April 6, 2015, by Frank Healy

Student retention continues to be an increasingly important topic for both universities and colleges. In recent months, significantly more attention...

LeadsCon Live 2015: Greg Gragg, Blue Chair

March 12, 2015, by Michael Ferree

In this interview we took the chance to speak with Greg Gragg about the regulatory environment in the for profit...

Proposed ‘Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2015’ Under Attack

March 2, 2015, by Richard Newman

On February 27, 2015, following President Obama’s announcement last month that the administration would be pushing for a consumer privacy...

Regulating the lead generation industry

February 25, 2015, by Michael Ferree

Every industry has its bad apples, and online marketing is far from an exception. Whether it’s click-fraud, call-fraud, affiliate marketing...

What Lead Buyers & Lead Generators Need to Know – The Telemarketing Sales Rule

February 12, 2015, by Richard Newman

Recent changes to Federal Communication Commission rules under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) have slowly evolved into what seems...

What to Do When Your Business Receives a State Attorney General Subpoena

December 30, 2014, by Richard Newman

State AGs can issue subpoenas during an investigation, before initiating a legal case.  Receiving a subpoena from an AG can...

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