Connecting with Consumers: Understanding Their Needs and Humanizing the Process

By EventNotesApril 10, 2019

Would you say that you’re good at humanizing your marketing?

Most marketers do. But in fact, almost everyone could be doing it better.

Buyer behavior is changing fast — faster than you might realize. And when it comes to connecting with consumers, brands are lagging behind.

The result? Lower engagement and less conversions.

Marketers think that if they just do more — more calls, more emails, more ads — things will turn around. But the fact of the matter is that consumer attention just isn’t there anymore.

These days, successful marketing doesn’t just mean volume, it means personalization. You need to communicate one-on-one with leads, customize their every touchpoint, and meet them on their terms.

Simply put, big brands need to act small. But how?

HOW TO: Humanize your lead generation to drive engagement and conversions

1. Schedule calls with leads via SMS to boost contact rates

SMS has a 98% open rate. Scheduling a call might take some back-and-forth, but this interactive process could double both your conversions and your contact rate.

Even with a call scheduled, 70% of leads won’t answer. Empower your agents to text them back to reschedule.

If you don’t want to muddle through this integration yourself, DMS can help drive inbound calls to your center through multiple channels, including SMS→

Digital Media Solutions

2. Offer a click-to-message option on both Google and your website

Click-to-message is just click-to-call but for text messages. You can get as high as a 20:1 ROI from this on-demand, high-engagement channel.

When a lead texts you, just funnel them into the call-scheduling sequence. Your leads will still end up in the same place, but you’re giving them a choice on how they get there.

3. Engage customers on their time — don’t expect them to fit into your schedule

It’s becoming more and more important to understand when your customers actually want to engage with you and to be available to them in those moments.

But of course, it’s not in everyone’s budget to keep a call center open 24-7. Luckily there are workarounds, which I’ll get to next.  

4. Program an after-hours text message to keep leads from shopping your competitors

If a lead knows they are talking to you tomorrow, they’ll wait for the call instead of finding a competitor who is still open.

When drafting your message, ask yourself, “How would I write this to a friend?” Drips also has a huge amount of conversational data and can help create your initial scripts →


5. Personalize your message as much as possible and test the wording rigorously

Is it better to include their name? Say “me” or “us”? Suggest times in the morning or afternoon? Your winning script will be unique to your customers — but in general, the more personalized the better.

Doubting that scripts make a difference? Take a look at the numbers →

  1. “Hello, you caught us off hours. Please call back M-F between 8AM-9PM EST.” = 5% lift
  2. “Hello Jane, you caught me after hours. Please call back M-F between 8AM-9PM EST.” = 10% lift
  3. “Hello Jane, you caught me after hours. Can you call me tomorrow at 1:30 or 3 pm?” = 18% lift

Hack: if you have a call center, you don’t even need a fancy scheduling tool. Just give them two random times!

6. Over-commit to TCPA compliance and always get consent before sending a text

Make your compliance message clear & conspicuous. It’s always best to get a legal opinion, but in general, you’re better served going over-the-top than cutting corners. In the long run, the ROI from the user data will outweigh the conversion hit.

Record the screen when leads interact with your consent form for maximum protection →


7. Treat your consumers the way you want to be treated — you are your own test subject

Marketers need to translate their own behavior as consumers into their marketing strategies. When’s the last time you answered a call from an unknown number? So why would your customer?

8. Test, analyze, repeat — don’t wait around for a silver bullet, because there isn’t one

Brands keep looking for a secret sauce that doesn’t exist. The only solution is to constantly try different tools and channels, carefully analyze the results (with 1st-party data whenever possible), and slowly zero in on your winning strategies.

Set different KPIs and goals for each channel. Quality of audience will vary, so you can’t hold them all to the same standard

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