Contact Center KPIs and Reporting for Real-Time Decision-Making

By Mike StaffordDecember 5, 2016

Decision-making hinges on data. However, highly strategic decision-making only happens when contact centers measure the right key performance indicators (KPIs), develop meaningful reports and utilize the right tools.

Important KPIs
Contact centers that capture too much data can sometimes bury key information. So, it’s critical that businesses identify the metrics that best reflect their audience and goals.

This isn’t always easy. In fact, 39 percent of contact leaders find it difficult to determine and analyze the right KPIs, according to recent research from ICMI.

The report also showed that more than 70 percent measured:

  • Service Level/Response Time
  • Number of Contacts Handled
  • Quality Assurance Scores
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • First Contact Resolution

Another important KPI worth noting is how these metrics relate to a business’s production and revenue numbers.

Contact Center Reports
No matter what is measured, context is king. And that’s where proper reporting comes into play.

Our team starts the morning by reviewing totals from the previous day and month-to-date (MTD) cumulative numbers. And on the 1st of each month, we also review totals from the previous month.

However, one of my favorite reports is the “15-minute” report. It is a fully customized and comprehensive analysis that is emailed to supervisors every 15 minutes. It provides a high-level look at agent performance and metrics such as login times, contacts per hour, productivity percentages, and, of course, submits. With this report, we can identify any agents having an “off” day within the first 45 minutes of the shift. And we’re able to “course correct” before they do. The daily MTD report can also help identify overarching agent trends and representatives who may need additional coaching.

In addition, we review a 15-minute media report, which displays relevant statistics for all dials in real time. On any given day we may be running 7+ data feeds from different paths and websites. This report shows us how each feed is trending. And again, the first 45 minutes of a shift are critical. It is within this time-frame that we can clearly see which feed is running hottest and are able to quickly reallocate resources to those that need it most.  

Automating Reporting and Analysis
Contact centers move quickly, and that kind of movement requires efficiency. That’s why automation is so important. In addition to saving hundreds of hours of manual review, automated reporting and analysis means even large contact centers can become nimble, turning on a dime, as needed.

For example, automated reports can provide clues as to any “problems” an agent may be experiencing. If contacts per hour are low, speech analytics software allows contact leaders to examine the agent’s introduction — even their sentiment. If agents are using the wrong tone or phrasing in the first 15 seconds of the call, it can lead to low contacts per hour and, in turn, low submits per hour. If submits per unique prospect are low, it could be system trouble or the agent may be unclear about a process. As a result of automation, any issues can be addressed right away.

Data is only half the story. It’s about determining which KPIs best support the contact center’s unique goals. It means having reports in place that support those metrics, and technology that streamlines all data and processes. Because when it comes down to it, decisions — real-time decisions — drive better business outcomes. 

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