Content for lead gen: The more personal, the better

By Michael McEnaneyJanuary 21, 2015

We all know that content remains king with any successful online strategy, but it’s what you’re doing with that content that separates success from merely more time spent on the marketing treadmill.

When it comes to successful content, the kind that helps generate and cultivate leads, it’s about crafting the right content — content that engages the consumer and speaks directly to them.

The word that consistently surfaces in the content conversation today is personalization — as in, having the ability to have a one-to-one conversation with customers at scale.

Marketing automation has really become about marketing personalization and engagement, and research always shows that response rates increase exponentially when the personal touch is evident.

“The first obstacle to relevance is personalization,” began Jim Cummins, owner of a New York, imaging-based marketing firm, Cummins Photography. “Delivering relevant and, more importantly, personalized campaigns is the way to get consumers to react to the content you are sending out.”

He adds that, as a result, personal insights on consumers are vital to crafting relatable campaigns and the best way to achieve this is through data, particularly on the mobile side of your efforts.

A recent study done by marketing firm Hipcricket reveals that 41 percent of those surveyed say they're willing to share more information about themselves if incented with offers or coupons. Most marketers agree that response rates are always significantly better if there’s an offer or reward involved for participation.

The study added that over 60 percent of consumers claim they engage with as many as 10 brands a month across multiple channels including email (81 percent), text messages (47 percent), Facebook (47 percent), push notifications (19 percent) and Twitter (12 percent). The key through all of these channels is ability to “listen” to the customer as their voice is strong and getting stronger through all these vehicles.

The message for marketers to take away from all the above — do for the customer what they ask … and the sky’s the limit.

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