Working with a Content Marketing Mechanic to Fine-Tune Your Marketing

By aiwpadminJanuary 30, 2017

By Kieran Kern.

Are you up to your eyeballs in infographics and tired of blogging your fingers to the bone? Is your mom tired of you asking her to click through to your well-crafted content?

Arnie Kuenn, founder and CEO of SEO and content marketing agency Vertical Measures is ready to share his expertise to help turn your traffic from stalled to speeding. The internationally-recognized speaker, author and SEO and content marketing expert will impart strategies that drive results and help you, your company and your audience feel the potency of content marketing in “Why Your Content Marketing Is Not Working – And How to Fix It.”

Content marketing is almost mainstream (it’s even been pitched on “Shark Tank”), but the implementation has been lacking. “Too many marketers from small companies to Fortune 500 are not pushing the right content,” Kuenn explains.

He asserts that while the landscape is changing, marketers shouldn’t get rid of methods that are working. Indeed, when established methods are done well they very effective. They generally only miss the mark when marketers give up or cut back due to frustration or when they create content strictly with the hope of going viral.

He notes that the team needs to have true buy-in and understanding of content marketing from the top down to be successful. The C-suite also has to be all-in, supportive and trained on the initiative for it to be successful. Workshops from a trusted presenter to the largest possible segment of employees unite everyone. “The clients we have who allow us to do the workshop are much more successful compared to those who don’t,” he explains.

Kuenn suggests switching to an agile content marketing strategy and write it out. “The clients who implement an agile strategy are more likely to succeed over the long run, compared to those who don’t.” Make sure there is a clear understanding on how to conduct proper content research and ideation. “If you are not creating content your customers are searching for, you are going to lose.”

Content ideation is the key to insights about your potential customers. Before anyone buys anything online, whether B2B, B2C, shoes or tanks, they turn to the internet to conduct research and ask questions. A marketer’s job is to use tools like Moz, and others to discover just what research their prospects are conducting and then to be the answer!

Research is critical for every move consumers make whether on their phone, TV, or other devices. Consumers are looking for critical data on what they are looking to buy. More than 80 percent of those searches are non-branded, meaning they are not already aware of the brand they want to purchase. “The search opportunity is huge. Make sure you can be found online!” Kuenn stresses.

Kuenn and his team at Vertical Measures use the hub-and-spoke model because it seemed that clients could more easily grasp the concept and the method provided focus. The goal is to research, produce and publish a primary piece of content (free guide, case study, video training series), which becomes the hub. Then create many spokes (blog posts, tweets, news releases, webinars, etc.) that relate back to that hub piece of content to support, promote and drive significant traffic to it. The hub is published first and the spokes are published continuously for several months afterward or longer depending on the focus of the piece. This continued publication can occur in many different formats and many different channels to support the hub.

The ROI varies by client, with some experiencing very modest growth over a couple of years while others have tripled their revenue in a relatively short period. In regard to Vertical Measures, “We started content marketing in earnest about five years ago. Since then we have become one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the world and we have more than tripled in size – all on the back of content marketing,” he explains.

Kuenn notes that like anything worthwhile, seeing results can take time. By working hard and following the principles he teaches, positive traction can be found between six and 18 months with an average of 12. “This is by following what we teach, what is known now to work, no shortcuts,” he emphasizes.

Join Arnie at his "The Proven Formula to Successful Content Marketing" pre-day workshop at LeadsCon Las Vegas, as well as at his conference session.

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